4 Biggest Failures from Google

Google Failures

If you don’t know what is google, then you are not on the world wide web. Google is the biggest and the best search engine. As you know, google has given us many great things such as Orkut, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth etc. They have also bought some great sites such as Youtube, Blogger, Picasa etc. Google is  really great. But there are some things from google which are not good, and are flopped. Some of the failures are:-


Google knol

Before I give out some info about it, and how it has been a failure, let me ask you that do you still remember that there is a site produced by google called Google Knol.  Knol was created by Google to include user written articles on a range of topics. When Knol started, it was said that it is made to compete with the most famous encyclopedia on the web, Wikipedia. But it didn’t worked out as you can see, where is Wikipedia, and where is knol. Literally where is knol. Many people have forgotten that there is a website called Knol, and that also from Google.


Google Wave

Google Wave was started in November 2009, and at that time, it was only invitational. I was just too mad about getting an invite for google wave and try it. I got to know that my friend was selling google wave invites on ebay. Well, I got shocked and thought that it must be such a great site. Then I talked to him, and after pleading him, I got an invite for free and I opened it and woah…. this is one of the worst projects so far from Google. Most of the people couldn’t understand it at all. But still, some people who have a group liked it but most people said that Google Wave is just too bad. It was released to the general public on May 19th 2010.


Orkut fail

Orkut was such a great social networking website, that I just loved it and didn’t even looked at facebook. On 28th October 2009, Google released the new version of orkut. There were a lot of people(who don’t use Facebook) who liked it but on the other hand, there were more than a lot of people(who use facebook) who didn’t liked the new orkut because many features were taken from Facebook, and a bit were taken from twitter. After trying the new orkut, I went back to the old orkut and then I left orkut. And now I love Facebook more than any other social networking site. This redesigned orkut is not much failure if we compare it to knol or wave but still, the old orkut was better than this one.


Google answers

Google Answers was an online knowledge market from Google that allowed users to post questions for well researched answers to their queries. Asker-accepted answers cost $2 to $200. Google Answers was launched in April 2002. Google Answers didn’t work well. After the launch of Yahoo! Answers where we can ask questions for free, Google Answers got in a big trouble. After not being able to defeat the competition, the site had to shut down. This service ended in December 2006 due to excessive demand.

Those were some of the failures from google. If you think that there are more failures, you can tell them in the comments.

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COMMENTs ( 22 )

  1. Alex says

    Google bought a company operating a 3d world chat (basically a Second Life light) that could be embedded in web pages. The service was discontinued after maybe a year after being migrated to Google.

  2. Sammy | Best Home Business says

    I was a fan of orkut but slowly I found that all my friends have moved over to Facebook and nobody was hanging out at orkut which is what it is meant for in the first place.

    I was forced to move over to Facebook to keep up with my friends. But once I got there I found there are many more features in Facebook to keep one interested and engaged. Now I love it. Its been ages since I have logged into orkut.

    Personally I also think google buzz is a huge failure. When it was first implemented I was flabbergasted with the tons of garbage being dumped into my inbox. All the conversation of my friends and their friends was being dumped into my inbox. Absolutely no relevance. I had to shut it out immediately. Subsequently I don’t know whether google has improved it or not. Never checked it out again. Talk about first impression.

    But you must commend Google for checking out various products and variations and bringing them out from time to time. Normally for a big corporation like google they tend to become sluggish like Microsoft. Quality declines and eventually their business declines

    But Google has managed to stay afloat just because they are trying new things and improving their already successful products. I think that’s the reason they are admired and loved so much. So kudos to Google for all their successful products.

    • Murugappan says

      It’s like “How do you know my story!”
      Its been ages that I logged in to orkut!
      LOL! :P

  3. Manpreet Singh Rehsi says

    Google wave have a potential which is still to be explored by users and even by developers. The first video demonstration I saw of wave was quite impressive. Hope Wave get’s its external apps soon. I would love to see it in action.

  4. Webpagelottery says

    I agreed all the products above are failures besides Google wave. I think it’s still too early to say Wave will fail.

    “Google Answer”? Really? Just found out today, LOL.

  5. Mani Viswanathan says

    I would like to swap Google Wave with Google buzz..Wave is still used by small companies, group of people for arranging, hving conversations..etc!

  6. shariq says

    Vinayak .I am not agree with you if you are talking about orkut .
    Orkut is easy ,advanced and more attractive than any other social network .
    In India Orkut is most popular .

  7. Gautham Raj says

    @Nabeel i think google buzz is also a failure ….it was more of like twitter ….really i didnt liked that

  8. Tech Maish says

    I agree with you. I don’t know about other sites failure but Google Wave is totally flop community.

  9. tricks tips says

    ADD Google BUzz also in this list….
    Google is TheBEST one in Search engine and Gmail….but it is getting many failures on other side…

  10. Basant says

    Google Accelerator, Google Video, Google SOAP API….Perhaps Google flops & failure outnumbers successful products…Still I admire Google for the “Google-Search” :).

  11. Nabeel says

    Interesting post about the failures of Google. But look at the successful projects they have.

    There is also Google Buzz. What about that? Do you think it is a success or a failure?

    And there are rumors of Google Me (social networking site).

  12. Dinesh says

    Because of Google is trying new products on daily basis. I’m sure they would have learned from these failures.

  13. Technoblogsite says

    but till now orkut is in demand…. as many people accept the change of new orkut… and i think other 3 are mistakes of google…

  14. Thomas Sinfield says

    What about Google’s Twitter copy? I heard heaps about that for close to a week and now no one is mentioning it. I can’t even remember it’s name..haha