33 Important Blogging Lessons I Learned From Experience

Blogging is like technology, there is something new to learn and experiment everyday. Reading other blogs and bloggers’ experience will be helpful to understand the basics, but experiencing and learning the real lessons will give the clear picture of blogging. I registered my first domain back in 2007 when I was not aware anything about blogs. 2010 was excellent year for me in terms of earnings and traffic.  I started concentrating seriously on blogging last year, which gave me nice lessons.

Blogging lessons

Blogging Lessons

The below 33 blogging lessons I learned and will be real practical example for  you.

Blogging lessons that I learned the hard-way

1) Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not rocket science. SEO is important part of every Blogger journey and something we should spend time learning it.

2) Select your domain name properly with long term plan; you can’t change it later whenever you want.

3) Hosting plan and hosting company are very important like finding a location for a physical business. Avoid free hosting and grab any Premium hosting for your new Blog. I recommend Bluehost for WordPress hosting.

4) Write posts to solve readers problem.

5) Do not write posts for search engines only, but do not neglect them. Learn how to write for readers and search engine @same time.

6) For Blogging, use WordPress, as It’s the best blogging platform.

7) Don’t spend too much time decorating your blog. Spend money on buying a nice looking premium theme, and focus more on content and promotion. You can use Genesis theme, which is best theme in terms of SEO and speed.

8.) AdSense is simple and most effective way to make recurring income from a blog.

9) Make your blog niche target. Don’t make your blog a super-market with too many diverse topics. Pick a niche that you are most comfortable with.

10) Don’t waste your time on checking blog stats, and AdSense income after every couple of hours.

11) Do not change your domain name after you established well with Google PR and back links.

12) Google PR and Alexa Rank are only for advertisers and other bloggers, not to your readers. They do not  know what these all are.

13) I could have gained more readers if I did guest blogging.

14) Not all social networking sites are working to drive traffic. Do not add all buttons.

15) Do not start the second blog if you are still busy with your first blog.

16) Changing the blog’s theme frequently is not a professional blogging habit.

17) Make sure you have all essential subscription options on your blog from day one.

18) Missing ‘About me/us’ and ‘Contact’ pages in a blog is like a person without head and legs.

19) Don not depend only on Adsense as an income source. Vary your income source by implementing other ways.

20) Make sure you have a PayPal account, as most of advertising companies pay via PayPal.

21) Always write article with “you” tone, as there will be only one person reading your blog post. For example, right now “You” are the only person who is reading this, and my post is just for you.

21) Create resource pages on your blog. This will help in decreasing bounce rate, and make readers stick longer on your blog. Ex: WordPress guide resource page.

22) Keep your blog sidebar clean, and don’t use useless widgets like traffic-widget and so-on.

23) Do not expect great support and appreciation from your family, friends and colleagues for your blogging. Because they can’t understand what a great job you are doing, only other bloggers and readers know the value.

24) Stop multi-tasking, as internet itself is a big distraction. Rather focus on one task at a time.

25) Running more than one blog as a part time blogger is a difficult job, so focus on building one, but quality blog.

26) Build your Email list from day one.

27) Affiliate marketing and selling products online are not for beginners.

28) Keep your blog’s backup all the time including files and database and learn to restore it.

29) You do not need to publish posts daily if you don’t have anything valid and unique.

30) Do not promise anything to your readers if you can’t keep it.

31) Whatever changes you do in blog, give some time. It takes time (10 to 14 days) to get the real effect. Do not decide anything quickly in overnight.

32) Money is an excellent factor to motivate blogging, but do not blog only for money.

33) If you failed in blogging, it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed anytime

I’m not a professional blogger, but I would love to become one. I’m sure in coming years, I would learn more and I will share my learning with you. If you are looking for more tips, I highly recommend you to browse blogging category of ShoutMeLoud, and you will dive into the great knowledge bank of blogging. I would like to ask your good or bad lesson you learned from your Blogging experience?

Do share  atleast one blogging lesson which you have learned in your past.

This is a guest post by Dinesh who blogs at DailyBlogMoney . If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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Dinesh is a part time blogger who writes about his blogging experience and case studies at DailyBlogMoney. The tech blog Sysprobs also part of his main project.


COMMENTs ( 32 )

  1. Shekhar says

    Hi Dinesh
    Excellent Experience Sharing. Few Points are really worth it. And even Rocket Science will not be Rocket science if use it regularly . 1,3,13,14 are really to considered seriously… and friend and family will not understand,,, This is sure a Rocket Science for them….:0

  2. Harshit Singhal says

    Nice points there you have mentioned. Probably a lesson from my side too : Have patience to dig through the bad times ;)

  3. Saket Jajodia says

    Great really great blog post…. Most of them even I have experienced in my 6+months of blogging career…

  4. Nihar says

    Great post Dinesh. I like number 4 and 5 points. they are very true.

    Because i have few solutions posts which keep getting traffic day in and day out. every month, every year….

  5. Oh Pakar says

    enjoy read this blog…

    some point make me thing to write something in my blog..

    but honestly u may not understand my language :)

  6. Raghunath Pillai says

    Interesting read Dinesh. Couple of things you mentioned I am experiencing now…many setbacks and little success. Definitely will improve with time.

  7. Suraj says

    Hi, I think i might disagree with #24, Only when you read, you can write useful tips. Without reading, how can if you write the article, then it won’t be useful?

    • Lucent says

      Fatty, it seems you just skimmed over the article instead of profoundly reading it. The author isn’t advising you to totally quit reading other blogs and only focus on your blog 24/7. The point he’s trying to make is that you need not invest most of your time in reading other blogs, instead you can spend some of that time in cranking out articles for your blog.
      Btw, Your website seems to be encountering some problems. The page sticks around for only a few seconds and then it shuts off everything after displaying an error.

  8. Vivek Parmar says

    Making money from blogging is easy and many of them are already making it. Always blog for passion not for money
    One question though, do not play with PayPal, what does it mean?? could you elaborate it more??

    • Dinesh says

      @Vivek Parmar,
      Since you live in India, you might not have faced any issues.
      Here are the simple points,
      1) Do not open a account as you live in different country, if your country is not listed under money receiving supported country.
      2) Do not use any VPN software to connect PayPal site.
      3) Keep the related documents ( address, name, photo, credit card) with you always, they will ask suddenly.

      May be I did the mistakes without reading proper instruction, but sadly, my money still with them :(

  9. d3so says

    Looks like you learned a lot last year.
    I disagree with SEO because it can become rocket science. I shouldve guest blogged more last year.

    • Dinesh says

      SEO could be rocket science when you are going to provide advanced SEO services to other blogs or companies or work in SEO firms.
      To manage a own blog and improve search engine traffic, it can be done by any one with some basic knowledge. Its my personal experience.
      Thanks for leaving comment here.

    • Dinesh says

      @sanjeev, @Namit Gupta, @Mani Viswanathan,
      Glad you like the post.
      Hope you would share something like this in 2012 :)

      Happy blogging and Good luck.

  10. Namit Gupta says

    These points are really must for a beginner who is about to start his own blog. These are the phases which each blogger experiences in his beginning days of blogging. I loved reading all the points. Awesome Post. :-)

  11. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Dinesh, I wont agree with your 27th point. Affiliate Marketing is the only way to make money online for most newbie bloggers. You can ask VijayRaj Reddy here about how he is making money with his blog.

    • Tanmay says

      @Sathis: May be some people are lucky and they started earning from the very beginning of their blogging life. But here, I totally agree with Dinesh! Affiliate marketing and product selling are not for newbies as they do not even know how to proceed and how the internet works.

      • Dinesh says

        Thanks for your comment.
        Do you call ‘VijayRaj Reddy’ as beginner? I don’t think so. He is already giving some blogging and wordpress services to outsiders.
        What I meant to say is, if you are entering in to blogging as newbie, then do not try affiliate products initially. You can’t recommend and sell just like that, till you build a trust with your readers.

        @Tanmay, Thanks for your comment and agree with me.

  12. KashyapJoshi says

    Great List.
    This Post Is Very Helpfull For Me Because I Am A Newbie Blogger.
    You Are A Great Blogger Dinesh.
    All Lessons Are True But 14,19 And 21 Are Very Important For Every New Blogger.
    Thank You For Sharing.

    • Dinesh says

      Thanks for your comment.
      ShoutMeLoud will be the best place to learn lots of tips on blogging, check my blog too ;)

      Good luck.

  13. Nikmaya J says

    If you failed in blogging, it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed anytime. “Good expression”. I learn blogging for 5 months, I am busy with SEO, backlink builder, etc. And now I focuse in affilate marketing (Amazon.com). It give me much money.

  14. Nick says

    The first lesson you learned is most inspiring to me unfortunately people started to think getting traffic to your blog is a rocket science but when you do SEO practically you will started realize it is lot easy if you know how to do it.

    Never do blogging for money there are thousand of blogs having millions of page views each but not a single ad think again.

  15. Jimmy says

    I dint see anything about ‘commenting on other blogs’, its a nice strategy to bring a strong relationship with other bloggers.
    Thanks :-)

    • dineshj says

      Yes Jimmy,
      I agree with your point, which I missed to concentrate in 2010.
      You can combine this with point 13.

  16. Kamal Hasa says

    Niche is something that people tend to ignore. You cannot be sure what you want to write when you start off your blog. So write different articles and see which one attracts the people the most.

    By this you get good traffic plus good earnings..

  17. Ramkumar says

    33 Golden rules for blogging . I could see a lot of experience here. I need to start guest posting too.

    • dineshj says

      Glad you accept my points.
      Ramkumar, gust posting is a real good way of getting attention on other blogs.