30 Tips to become a Quality Blog Writer

Everyone who writes blog is a blog writer, but quality blog writers are very less in number. In other sense, the writer who writes quality content on his blog can be considered as a quality writer.

Become quality blog writer
Every Blogger has a Dream to become a Quality Writer, but they fail to create quality content in their blog. As a result, they cannot move further. Therefore, today I thought of sharing some Quick Writing Tips to make yourself a Quality Writer.

Here are 30 Tips to Become a Quality Writer:

1. Become a Blogger & Start Writing!

2. Be Serious about what you are writing.

3. Choose your interested subject e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. & research on it till you know huge about that subject.

4. If your research gives you the “green signal”, then step forward to write deeper about that subject.

5. Read your written article again & again, to find every minor mistake. (Proof-read)

6. Keep the Writings Clean with the sufficient gaps in the paragraphs!

7. Keep Remarkable And Catchy sub-headlines in the article.

8. Give a deep attention in the header & Footer of the article. First few lines of your article will tempt readers to read your article completely.

9. Write Attractive Headlines to drive readers You should write the title of the article after finishing the article. This way you can come up with better article titles.

10. Share your written article with your friends for the feedback!

11. Always remember: there is always a scope for improvement.

12. Write with passion.

13. Keep taking breaks between the Writing & Editing to give your mind rests.

14. You keep yourself engage, curious & open in your writing..

15. Make a daily routine learn words from the dictionary, for adding up a nice collection of words in your article…

16. Try to Follow the old way of Writing .i.e. the use of pen & paper.

17. Read the Grammar books for the better use of grammar in your article.

18. Keep different types of writings in the blog – short posts, medium posts, roundups, pillar posts, etc..

19. Keep Challenging yourself on writing difficult contents.

20. Don’t Go for the quantity of your article, always Go for the Quality.

21. Always accept criticism and try to learn from it..

22. Always read, think and write… And Read More.

23. Read your articles loudly so that you can understand “What you want to say to your readers“.

24. Try to Reduce the maximum number of words from your article to make it briefer & easy to understand but by reducing the words that don’t mean to reduce the main voice of your writing.

25. Visit the Public Forums and listen to the people about what latest they are talking about… This can help you to generate a new topic idea for your new post!

26. Make Notes of the random ideas strikes on your mind.. This will help you to develop your article’s structure.

27. Use the Simple & Declarative Sentence..

28. Always try to Avoid the Passive voice on your writing.

29. Make a Limit Use of the adjectives and adverbs.

30. Again Recheck before Clicking the “Publish” button..

Do you have any more writing tips to share?? Please be free to share on the Comment Section… :)

This is a guest post by Arijit Das. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read: Shoutmeloud revenue sharing program.

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. Abhishek says

    learning new words from dictionary and taking rest before finally publishing the article is very important. one should always keep in mind!

  2. Sudo says

    @Lucent –

    “It seems that the write of the article needs to follow the tips himself first.”

    Looks like we can all learn from each other.

  3. Lucent says

    It seems that the write of the article needs to follow the tips himself first. Irregular capitalizations, bad grammar and not to mention that some of the tips didn’t really make much sense at all (to me, at least). They were too trite to be called as ‘tips’.

    I highly recommend that the writer of the article works on his writing skills in order to be taken seriously in the blogosphere. These kind of amateurish works from a ‘blogger’ will only tarnish the image of other bloggers out there who truly make their best efforts to create articles of substantial value. Please read over your article and see how it looks before hitting the ‘Publish’ button. I hope I didn’t come across as too hard on you.

    Useful Tip: As a rule of thumb, always put yourself in the shoes of the reader every time you sit down to write an article.

  4. Bakari says

    Number 13 is so important. For the last month or so I have started letting my articles sit for a least an hour before I do the final editing. So many times I simply want to get the writing done because my brain is fried and I don’t do a good job with the editing. When I come back to blog posts, I find errors that I missed. So yeah, taking breaks is very important. Of course, it would be ideal if all writers could have their own copy editor.

    Oh, and my recommendation, is to study your writing process. Reflect on how you generate thoughts, where you run into traps, and what techniques you could try to make your writing more powerful.

  5. Pattanaik says

    I will be blunt. Not a good article. If it was about technology or some other topic..the language would have been acceptable. I see blatant overuse of keywords and the introduction was not good enough to keep me reading further.

    mediocre tips without explanation.

    “Try to Follow the old way of Writing .i.e. the use of pen & paper” – yes very good and try to follow the old way of publishing as well. Contact the editor of times of India.

    Don’t hate me…I am only following point no 21
    “21. Always accept criticism and try to learn from it.”

  6. Arijitblog says

    Sorry Guys!! I’m very late to comment here….

    Thanks for your Nice Words in the Comment!!! :)

  7. vijay says

    Hi this is awesome list which helps more for beginning bloggers to write quality articles to get readers attention…

  8. Tinh says

    Great list and I think, any bloggers who would like to start blogging should be passionate about what that want and how they can handle all issues and than step up to a problogger :-)

  9. Tushar says

    nice post man…..you gave the most basic point there….START…..
    everything follows after this….some people just keep giving thought to whether they should start or not and in this, they miss an important blogging career

  10. George Serradinho says

    The tips above are nice, but it would of helped if there was some information by each point explaining it a bit more in detail.

    I’m trying to concentrate on point 20. Quality and not quantity, very hard, but it does pay off in the long run.

  11. angelmira says

    Nice tips! No one wants to read one huge blog of text. Even bolding a few words or subtitles catches the eye, not to mention pictures!

  12. Dev - Technshare.com says

    Hey Arijit,

    Nice Post. These are some great tips. I’m already following the old way Pen & paper (my favorite.. ) !!

    “Make a daily routine to learn words from dictionary, for adding up a nice collection of words in your article…”

    I really like this point. Great point….!

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


  13. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says


    Great writing tips you mention there.

    I think it is also very important to check for typos in your article/post, as I see many typos in some blogs. This just leaves a bad impression on the reader.