30 Simple tips for Google Chrome users

Chrome browser tipsAs we all know Google Chrome has taken more than 20 percent of browser market share and growing rapidly, it’s also become very favorable opinions among experts, and gradually expanding its user base. Chrome Browser is demonstrated that it is an interesting alternative for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

If you have not yet downloaded Google Chrome, here is a download link to Chrome full installer. Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have already talked about Google Chrome SEO extension for bloggers and few tips to improve chrome functionality. Today, I have some extra bonus for you :

Some interesting tips and tricks for Chrome Browser:

1. Create a desktop or Start menu shortcuts to web applications, such as Gmail – you must enter the Control menu Page (upper right corner of the browser window) and select where you want to place your shortcut. The function works with Google applications such as calendar and Documents, as well as with others, such as Windows Live Hotmail.

2. Control + Shift + N – This combination opens a window in “incognito” in which the pages viewed, does not register in the memory of a browser for viewing pages in history or in the form of cookies, after closing this window. You can also use this trick to open multiple Facebook, Gmail account.

3. Open link in incognito mode – Right mouse button click on the link and choose Open link in incognito window.

4. Alt + Home – loads a page from Google’s Chrome thumbnail most visited pages.

5. Control + T – opens a new tab. By dragging you can change the order of cards or make it open in a new window.

6. Control + Shift + T – opens the last closed tab. Pressing again will open the card prior to the last. Browser remembers the 10 most recently closed tabs.

7. Switching between open tabs using Control + 1, Control + 2, Control + 3, etc.. Control + 9 switches to the last tab.

8. Control + Tab – allows you to turn to the front switching between tabs.

9. Control + Shift + Tab – Switch to turn back between tabs.

10. As in Firefox 3, dragging the mouse cable to the card will open it in that tab, and drag a link between the two cards will open a new one in this position.

11. To create a bookmark, simply click on a star from the left side of address bar and select the folder where you placed.

12. Control + B – and turns off the bookmarks bar.

13. Right Click and hold the left mouse button on the Back button (Back) displays a list of pages which can be undone. Show Full History option at the end of the list, open a new tab with the full history of browsing.

14. Control + H – a quicker way to display the card with the history of browsing.

15. Can delete your browsing history for chosen days – Scroll to the list and when we come to the day of interest to us, choose the option Delete history for this day the right side of the window.

16. Control + J – for Downloads page.

17. To remove an item from the download list, click the right mouse button and select Remove.

18. Control + K or Control + E – to search from the address bar. When you press the bar in the URL will be a question mark and you can then type a search term.

19. Right Click on the top of your browser and selecting Task Manager displays a list of running tabs and plug-ins, along with information how many resources they consume. To finish the job selected, choose End Process.

20. Shift + Escape – a faster way to bring up the Task Manager Chrome.

21. When you want to know what plug-ins are currently installed, simply type about: plugins in the address bar.

22. Google Chrome: about:stats, about:network, about:histograms, about:memory, about:cache, about:dns these are basic pages in chrome browsers.

23. If you want to know how the suspended card, type about: crash.

24. Typing about: internet joke show developers (Easter Egg that only runs on Windows XP).

25. Ability to edit any web page – right click on the page and choose inspect element. We can now edit the HTML source, and when you press the Enter key to check the results.

26. To make Google Chrome your default browser, click on the Tools button (right-hand corner of the browser window), select Options, click the Basics tab and select the Make Google Chrome my default browser.

27. To delete cookies, you have the menu Tools> Options, select Under the Hood, scroll down to the Security section and click Show cookies. Now you can delete the selected cookies, or all – Remove All option.

28. To clear more data such as browsing history and cache, click on the Tools icon and select Clear browsing data.

29. When you want to clear the Google Chrome tab from the most visited by our party, clear the browsing history in a way given above.

30. Clearing History in Google Chrome will also clear the proposal addresses of the parties given in the URL bar.

Do you have any more Chrome tips to share? Do let us know via comments.

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  1. Ramakrishnan says

    Google Chrome establish upto eight http connection parallely while downloading web pages.It is so faster & Simpler. I love to use Chrome.

  2. naveen says

    Good useful tips Rahul…was wondering if there are any ways to stop chrome from crashing at times… :)

  3. Extreme John says

    Long list of helpful tips. Very helpful for me who uses Google chrome most of the time. I prefer using it then IE because I find Google chrome more user-friendly and quick to browse and use. I love the way Google chrome browser drags the tab and turns it into another winder. A quicker way to view a page in another window without necessarily going back to start menu or to your desktop.

  4. irawan says

    thanks for info .. I’ve been using google chrome and i I would argue that google chone in the best, but when it comes to add ons, mozilla more complete

  5. Harsh says

    Some of these tips coincide with Firefox shortcuts. Nicely compiled list! :)

  6. Rahul Ghosh says

    I think Chrome is the best Browser out there. Even Mozilla is lagging behind because the Chrome Web App Store is too good.

  7. Vivek Parmar says

    Using few of them, thnaks for listing all the tips at one place. Will check out all of them