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    3 Websites to Create Custom Google Plus Vanity URL

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    google plus vanity URL 3 Websites to Create Custom Google Plus Vanity URLGoogle+ has been around for few weeks now. Even though people are addicted to Facebook but everyone is fascinated by the new challenger on the social networking scene. Some 20 million people have already joined Google+ with thousands trying it every day. They are inclined to join Google+. People like the Circles feature and hanging around. The new and existing converts are all looking out for new and familiar features available on other social networks like how to customize the auto generated urls into Google Plus Vanity URL of your own choice as is done on Facebook.

    Google+ profile urls are https://plus.google.com/117420368760274729369

    It looks a little messy and difficult to remember when you want to share it with your friends. So many third parties have launched new services to help you out with this. They will assist you in customizing the Google+ profile the way you want then to be.

    Some of them are discussed below:

    Useful Google Plus Vanity URL Websites:

    1. gplus.to

    gplus.to  550x302 3 Websites to Create Custom Google Plus Vanity URL gplus.to

    Gplus.to is one of the services that can shorten your Google+ profile url. The steps are as follows. No need to register on the site. Just add the username you want to choose in the nickname field and add your Google+ id in the required field and just click on the add button. A new URL will be generated in format like gplus.to/username. It will be redirected to your Google+ profile. Now you can easily remember and share this short Google+ URL with your friends. <Link>
    2. plus.ly

    plus.ly  550x297 3 Websites to Create Custom Google Plus Vanity URL plus.ly

    Second is plus.ly which works in exactly a similar manner to the previous one. You would need to add your choice username and your Google+ profile id and click on the claim my username button. The only difference is in the format of the short URL created. The custom URL created by plsu.ly looks like http://plus.ly/username <Link>
    3. glpl.us

    glpl.us 1 550x301 3 Websites to Create Custom Google Plus Vanity URL glpl.us

    Third is the glpl.us which also accomplishes the same task of shortening your Google+ profile URL.  <Link>

    Now, you have an easy choice to use any of the above featured websites to create your customized Google+ vanity profile URL and share it with your friends. All the three sites work in the same way with a slight variation in the steps and output. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share with your friends on Google plus.

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    Hey guys, you have brought a wonderful concept about shortening google plus url. It will be easy to share also. Like it.


    Rajesh kumar

    thanks for informing such a niyce tweaks ..
    it will be very helpful to us..for shotning our urls and easy remembering.


    Kok Siong

    Hi Catherine! This is really an useful post for me. I am wondering why Google using such complicated profile link instead of using a simpler format.



    MyPlus is another service easy to use. Your google id, name and then Plus it.



    Other than these 3 I think there are more url shortner available for google+ profiles.



    Nice to know some other sites also..



    It’s really helpful I used the google shortener!



    Did bitly join to this community?


    Harsh Agrawal

    In that case I would recommend to create your own custom domain URL shortener using Bit.ly. Or yourls http://www.shoutmeloud.com/how-make-url-shortener-under-your-domain-wordpress.html


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