2 Ways to Find Out Who Unfriend You on Facebook

Social Networking is a vital part of living happily and it is very necessary that we keep in touch with friends no matter what. Facebook, the social networking giant, has become an integral part of our life as it depicts a similar environment of how we hang out with friends and family. Relations do matter, and Facebook is doing all it can to keep everyone connected.

Some unfriending you is normal in our social lives, people quarrel and then end up not talking and staying away from each other. This happens on Facebook too, but it’s a lot simple, because all you have to do is delete the person from your Friends list and that’s it. That person is not part of your social circle, at least not on Facebook. Also, it’s much easier on Facebook because you don’t get any notifications if someone unfriends you or you unfriend someone. So, inside Facebook, there is no way that you’ll come to know about the people who unfriended you.

Hence, here are 2 extensions/web applications that can be used on your browser to help you find out who unfriend you on Facebook and more.


who.deleted.meWho.deleted.me is a free service, that also helps you find out who has unfriended you on Facebook. This is a web app and all you’ll have to do to use this service is connect using your Facebook account when you visit the website and it will start tracking your friends. Although, the moment you sign up, you won’t be able to see much day as the service will require a day or two to actually start tracking data on your Facebook account. Below is a preview of the service, even though there isn’t anything much to see or find. Hopefully the service will get better with time.

You can use Who.deleted.me by going to this link here and the signing up with Facebook. If you just want to find the names of the traitors who abandoned you then this service is quite handy.

Better Facebook

This one’s for advanced Facebook users who want to see everything that happens on Facebook on their home page. Better Facebook has lots and lots of options and even themes and skins to make your profile look better. The extension can be installed on any browser except for Internet Explorer, which was kind of obvious when I looked at all the options that this provided. Below are few of the extra things that you’ll find in Better Facebook, like the Mark All Read, Reload, Undo and Mark All buttons.

Your Facebook page looks completely different when using Better Facebook, you get superior accessibility and Yes you do know when your friends deactivate their accounts or unfriend you. Check out the screenshot below of all the options available.

You can do a lot with this extension, which makes using Facebook even more easier and faster, although I experienced slow page loads some times. You can download Better Facebook for your browser from here.

Let us know which one of these tools did you find most useful or give us names of others that you think are better. Also, do you like to see who unfriend you on Facebook? Is that a good feeling?

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COMMENTs ( 16 )

  1. ion says

    Neat but I wanted to clarify… do these only start tracking once you use them. Those wanting to go before are out of luck yes?

  2. Ajaypratap Sidhu says

    i always used to wonder why my friend list dips suddenly,either somebody deactivated their account or somebody removed me. Thanks to your article now i can know who deleted me.

  3. shajjad says

    I never used these service what you listed here. Personally I am great fan of facebook but i dont care who are my friends

  4. Anshul Dixit says

    Just a heads-up: Twenty feet sent out an e-mail couple of weeks back saying that they no longer track who unfriended a person on facebook, as they ran into some policy issues with facebook.

  5. Harry Sehgal says

    Thats a Nice Post Siddie. I was not knowing that anyone can ever see who Unfriend him.

  6. Vivek Parmar says

    Thanks for the useful share, do not know who unfriend me as i have more than 2000+ friends on facebook as i do not know which one is in list and which one not.

  7. Rajib Kumar says

    You also can do this job by unfriend finder script. By this script you can control within facebook. You sites are also cool. Thanks for share.