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3 Useful uTorrent add on for the Popular Torrent Client

3 Useful uTorrent add on for the Popular Torrent Client

When ever we talk about popular Torrent clients, uTorrent is one of the most advocated client. Here I’m sharing 3 useful uTorrent add on which will help you to increase productivity of your uTorrent client.

I always consider Torrents as a very useful technique and invention, though torrents are quite old now but they are still perfect for downloading something from the internet. Those who are familiar with the torrents must know about a very popular application in this category with the name of uTorrent.

I have always used uTorrent as my primary torrent client, mainly because of the reason that it offers a larger array of options and features if compared to the other clients available. Well I will be reviewing 3 very interesting and useful addons for uTorrent that will surely enhance your experience to download stuff from it.

Useful uTorrent add on :


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uChat uTorrent add on enables users to chat with other users who are also downloading the same torrent that you are working on. With uChat you can not only make new friends online but you can also come to know about other interesting torrents from these online uTorrent chat buddies. You have to sign-in manually in uChat client meaning that it won’t disturb you if you are not in a mood to chat with other uTorrent users.

Khan Academy

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This particular addon is perfect for you if you happen to be a student, Khan Academy app basically offers online courses and college classes that can be downloaded directly from uTorrent. It is quite rich when it comes to the contents and each of the offered course or class video is almost 2GB or more. For education purpose this is one of the best uTorrent add on.


utorrent umap 550x471

I personally liked this uTorrent addon a lot, it basically shows you that where are the other peers of a particular torrent are located. You can view the interactive map in number of ways, which is either by the country or client type or arranged as per the swarm. uMap can also tell you the exact specifics about your tracked location and if you prefer privacy then you can hide or mask your location via VPN service.

Though there are loads of other apps on uTorrent but I picked up the 3 best utorrent add on that I though users might make use of. If you happen to know of any other useful app on uTorrent then do share it with us in comments.

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    • Sandeep Singh

      Nice article but i dont think these apps will be essential as uTorrent is basically for downloading files/movies.