3 Twitter Tools To Determine The Best Time To Tweet

Twitter Tools to Determine The Best Time to Tweet

Recently, when we shared how to get more followers on Twitter, we mentioned about how important it is to tweet in the time, when you get maximum visibility. One trick is to tweet your post multiple times to make sure that people in different time zone will read your tweets. But instead of tweeting 10-20 tweets at random time of the day, it’s best to find the best time to tweet and get maximum exposure.

Of all things good with Twitter, the power of twitter in increasing traffic to blogs is now a well-known fact. The importance of twitter for blogs/websites can be gauged from the fact that most of the blog owners now create separate accounts for their blogs apart from their personal accounts. This helps in reducing the clutter of links in the personal timeline and most importantly helps develop a focused community around your blog on twitter just like Facebook Page.

However, the only problem with Twitter is the sheer pace at which the information moves. The attention span for followers to notice your tweets can be very small. Moreover, even if you blog’s twitter account boasts of thousands of followers, only a small percentage are online to notice the links you share on twitter. What this means is that even with a twitter account with a good following may not always guarantee you a surge in traffic for your blog.

One workaround to this problem is Repeating the tweets after a certain interval. Twitter clients like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck allow you to schedule your tweets in advance. A lot of bloggers use these tools to repeat the links at scheduled intervals. This solves the problem of attention span as the chance of more people noticing your tweet increases when you are repeating the tweets. However, too much of repetition and it turns into spam which is not good for your followers.

How to get the maximum traffic through Twitter?

The answer lies in understanding the usage patterns of your followers. Basically, if you can find out the time your followers are most active on their twitter stream there lies the solution for you. If you schedule your tweets at the same time when your followers are most active, that increases the chances of the links in your tweets being clicked.

List of tools to find Best time to Tweet for Max Exposure:



Tweriod is another new tool which I find very effective to find best time to use Twitter and send out tweets. It shows the time on day-to-day basis and you can easily integrate it with Bufferapp to add tweets in your stack. Using Tweroid is easy and all you need to do is, register using Twitter account and in some time it will find how effective your tweet was and what’s the best time you can choose. They also offer premium analysis, but a free one is good for small business or a blogger. Here is a report for @denharsh Twitter profile:

Tweroid report


This is another tool which shows you best time to tweet. Head over to Followerwonk site and login using your Twitter account (It’s free). Now click on Analyze and add your Twitter profile and select option “Analyse their followers”.
Analyze Twitter followers

It will take some time to analyse your followers list to give you the statistics. Here is what Followerwonk suggested for my Twitter profile (Tweet 9 times in a day):
Most active twitter followers timezone

Here is tip for those who have a new Twitter profile and less followers. Usually with less follower base you will not be able to find the right time for tweeting. What you can do is, find your closest competitor from your time-zone who have a good following, analyse his twitter account and use suggesting posting time according to his profile. Make sure you take advantage of Hashtag to ensure your post reaches out to the masses.


SocilaBro is an ultimate twitter tool which I recommend to every serious twitter users. They have both free and paid version, and free version let you analyse your profile to find the right time to tweet to get maximum traction.
best time to tweet

Once you are inside your SocialBro dashboard, click on Analytics > Best time to tweet. It will take some time depending upon the size of your Twitter profile, you will get a report stating best time to send tweet.

Recommended reading:

Spending a little time in using data from these tools could go a long way in determining the best possible times to schedule your tweets to increase the click-through of these links.

Are there any other techniques or tools you use to determine the best time to tweet your links?

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    Hi Ankit,

    Thanks a lot for sharing these tools with us! I was apparently looking for a tool to market my content on twitter. I believe this will help me out (:

    Also, I need them because tweet scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer allows you to schedule no more than 10 tweets in a particular time span! You have to upgrade to their awesome plan to schedule more tweets. Anyways, great tips and tools.


    Akshay Chugh

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    Hi Ankit, Thanks for sharing theses tools. I need these tools badly for twitter marketing. Many many thanks dear for sharing. I have read out before but I forgot it…

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    Whentotweet has closed!!
    On their site they have notified the following:
    ‘Finally, the changes in the twitter API has gotten the best of
    us. Whentotweet has been around since 2010 but we are no
    longer able to keep up with the recent API changes from
    Twitter and have therefore decided to close the service.
    Over 50k of you have used Whentotweet over the years – a
    big thank you to all of you!’

  4. bryan says

    Hi Ankit,

    Hmm, tweet scheduling. I never knew that scheduling your tweeting times also plays an important part in getting traffic. So of all the 3 services you mentioned, which one do you think is best or do you reckon that its best to use all together?