3 Things your Blog Should have From Day First

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Blogging is not as easy as it sounds and there are hell lots of checklist for a blog. I wish if I can jot them down on a single post someday. For now I will point out the three important things which any blog should have from day one of their existance.

Mobile Friendly blog

With Smartphones increasing tremendously, mobile users accessing your website has increased. That’s what my Google analytic stats shows, and I’m sure it’s not only me. This applies to your blog as well. So first thing which you need is to make your blog mobile friendly. You can use wp-touch wordpress plugin to make your wordpress blog mobile friendly. You can also refer to my earlier post on 3 ways to make your blog mobile friendly.

Logo or banner

A blog banner is first thing which a reader notice. In the starting days of blogging, people tend to avoid importance of proper banner and they simply add a normal banner created using paint or such simple software. A professional logo and banner will help in long term branding. How many times you remember a blog by its logo and banner. Ex : Google, Yahoo. If you short of cash, you can use any forum to find a freelancer to create logo or banner for you. It can cost you from 3$-100$. Depending on kind of banner you want. Easiest way I will say is create a 20$ banner/logo contest in Digital point forum and let people submit their creativity. And you can pick the best logo among best.


Favico plays a major role in terms of branding. People start recognizing your blog from favico. If you are not aware of Favico, you should read these two articles

Even if its blogspot blog, don’t forget to add favico. It will help you in branding in long term.

Also make sure you don’t change your banner/logo and favico. Spend some quality time with your designer on the design and layout of your banner and logo.

If your blog mobile friendly? And have you taken care of branding of your blog by adding an exclusive banner and favico?

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  1. Aaron says

    That’s an excellent suggestion about having a logo design contest. I just did a search for digital point and found the forum you were referring to. Thanks.

  2. Prasad says

    May I add this to the list:

    # A recognizable UI/color pattern – It not only makes visitors coming to your blog, but also helps them spend more time on your blog

    # Simplicity in navigation – Number of clicks to go to a particular page or access a particular feature matter and it particularly matter in the days of Twitter and short time-to-live browsing patterns.

    # The content – Of course, content is the king. Having an original perspective and unique insight into the subject that we blog about makes our blog stand out definitely.

  3. Deepika says

    Hi friend,

    This is my first visit here… Very nice tips to follow for every bloggers. Currently i am designing logo for my blog.. Hope i will complete it soon..

  4. Deepika says

    Hi friend,

    This is my first visit here… Very nice tips to follow for every bloggers. Currently i am designing logo for my blog.. Hope i will complete it soon..

  5. Tanuj Lakhina says

    I agree with all three points and currently can’t get a good logo for my new blog. Any graphic designers you’d recommend? Thanks.

  6. Ashfame says

    I disagree with the #1 point of having a mobile site right from the beginning. Unless & until you have a wide userbase who actually comes to you even when they are mobile, the whole energy & efforts to build up a mobile site are dumped.
    In beginning don’t focus on such things, instead look for right exposure means with quality content.

  7. Rakesh waghela @Webiyo says

    Due it’s “Favicon” and not the “Favico” :)

    Favorite’s ( Bookmarks’ ) Icon = Favicon :)

  8. ajeet | hackingtrick.com says

    yaa mobiles users are increasing day by day ,if you want your blog at top between mobile users then you have to make it mobile friendly

  9. Sharninder says

    I agree with Point 2 and 3. Having a logo and a favicon is a must if you want to create a brand around the blog and make people identify it.

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