3 Reasons Why You Need Dedicated Twitter Profile for Blog

Twitter has become one of the best marketing tool.  The growth of twitter is enormous and many bloggers who have neglected twitter, are now getting inclined to twitter. Bloggers like me who have multiple blogs, or even with single blogs get confused between creating a separate profile for their blog or using their personal profile for blog updates. I always recommend creating a separate twitter profile for your blogs with the similar name. For example see the twitter profile for my WordPress blog @wpfreesetup.

Here are few reasons why you should create your Blog specific twitter profile :

Dedicated Twitter Profile

Branding :

Most of bloggers, big companies and infect individual are using Twitter. I wonder when was the last time I see a blog without any twitter icon on sidebar or around the post. Creating a domain specific twitter profile will help you in branding. Some people might not like your personal twitter profile for update like “Weather is amazing today” and Blah blah!! For information seeker, people your blog specific twitter profile will help them to get only useful updates.

Personal and professional Boundary

I use twitter for both professional and personal uses. On my personal profile @denharsh you will find my updating me about the comment on latest movie which I say, me moving to Pune to start a blogging company and so on. Obviously giving personal touch is good, but being personal all the time is bad. This is where a domain specific twitter profile will help to create a boundary. Bloggers and readers who can connect with you personally , they can follow you on your personal profile else those who are not interested in your daily gossips , they can connect with your domain specific twitter profile for regular updates.

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Information Seeker

As I mentioned above about the difference between personal and professional twitter profile. People who are following you for useful links, they will have a dedicated place from there they can grab the official blog updated. You can use any Feed to tweet service to automatically feed your blog specific twitter profile.

Meanwhile you can follow @shoutmeloud on twitter for official blog updates or if you like me talking , you can follow me on twitter @denharsh.

Do you have a blog specific twitter profile or you use your personal profile for your blog updates? What more points you can add to second my opinion for having blog specific twitter profile?

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COMMENTs ( 17 )

  1. stargaterich says

    I think it is a good idea to separate personal from business Twitter account. One of the main reasons is that in regards to privacy. You may have some ‘sensitive adult related’ business such as man’s health or woman’s health niche business which you may want to keep out from your personal profile.

  2. Extreme John says

    We have multiple Twitter profiles for each of our blogs, in some cases it works out great in other cases keeping them updated is a pain. Regardless it’s good to protect your name.

  3. George Serradinho says

    I only have one blog and that is using @gfserradinho which is my personal one to. I think many commentators above are trying to brand themself and thats cool by me, maybe they will change later :)

    It all depends on their long term goals and what they want to achieve short and long term.

  4. Cool Backgrounds says

    I’ve not succumbed to the twitter craze as yet but seem to be getting drawn to it. Is it easy to maintain/use multiple accounts in the way you describe?

  5. Dana @ Blogging Update says

    I choose to use one twitter for all my blog because like @Jens said, i bran my self as blogger. So, if i sell my blog some day, my twitter still have relevancy.

  6. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says

    I do have twitter profile for my blog @TechCats but i m not using it actively.. but I rather prefer ti use my personal twitter profile @rajkanuri to post updates . .

  7. Jens P. Berget says

    I have multiple blogs as well, but I only use one twitter profile (@berget). I’m using it to brand myself instead of each blog.

    I’m not sure if I have made the right decision or not, but so far, it’s going rather well :-)

    • says

      Jens even I maintain my main profile @denharsh for most of the usage, but I also created a domain specific twitter profile @denharsh which auto tweet from feeds. So Shoutmeloud regular readers get another way to keep themselves update with the latest happening.

      • Jens P. Berget says

        I also send tweets from my blogs to my main profile.

        I am not sure if I should have more than one profile though, I think it depends on what types of blogs and interests you have. If everything you tweet about is about marketing, it might not be a bad thing to have one twitter profile?

        • says

          Jens that’s good but again I’m sure you also tweet persona updates. From a reader perspective, they might not like to know what you are up to, but they want to grab the latest news which your blog is giving.. So a dedicated profile will serve such purpose more over it will also help in branding.

          • Jens P. Berget says

            Yes, I agree with you. So far, I haven’t been tweeting too many personal messages. But I might in the future.

            So far, Twitter has been 99% business for me. But Facebook, that’s a completely different story :-)