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    3 points to consider before taking Blogging Advice

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    Everyone needs blogging advice or suggestions at some point of time. But the main problem is of deciding, whom to take it from? There are many bloggers around and you could take suggestions from anyone, but it really matters a lot while taking some big decisions. You must not repent on your decision so it is essential that you take advice from the right type of people. So, what are the characteristics of the person which makes him the right Advisor for you?

    blog advice 3 points to consider before taking Blogging Advice

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    Knowledge about the Topic

    You just can’t take advice from any blogger. You must first find the correct person who has good knowledge about the subject. For example, if you need any advice regarding Social Media Marketing, you must approach a blogger who has knowledge about SMM. There is no use of approaching a Personality blogger who doesn’t know about SMM.

    Experience in the field

    Believe me, Experience does matter and Experience is the best teacher! An experienced blogger will be able to give you the best possible advice, as he has gone through various ups and downs during this Blogging Career. Approaching experienced people in your Niche will surely help you get quality advice. You cannot depend on blog advice given by beginners who have started blogging only a few months back!

    Attitude & Behavior of the person

    Let me warn you beforehand, there are a lot of people who wish to kill their competition, and that may be the reason they give you wrong advice! Before considering the advice from anyone, you must first consider his/her Selfish Behavior, Helping Attitude, and Reputation in the blogosphere. Getting advice from a Friendly person will help you grow your Blog, but taking blog suggestions from the wrong person can land you in really big trouble.

    I sincerely follow these points while taking advice from others. Do you follow any special points while taking Blogging advice from others? Do let us know..

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    I totally agree with you Rohit


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Good points you raise there. I believe in most of your points.

    But the problem is that the more experienced the blogger, the less time he will have to help the newcomers.

    What do you say about this?



    Rohit Sane

    A good person will always find time to help his juniors!



    I agree with you; that one should consider the experience of an blogger.

    But my question here is ; that there are so many Bloggers each have a different attitude and behaviour (as you suggested ) how would we come to know that by following a particular bloggers advice will be healthy?

    How to select the BEST among the best???


    Rohit Sane

    you need to keep a track of that blogger on social networks and other places. You get an idea about the nature of the blogger through it.



    very important….it is a common point that HALF KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS….
    so only take advice from someone whom you can really trust



    Always check the credibility of those that your’e listening to – see if they have social media proof to back it up; that’s when you know you’ll be following someone that knows their stuff.


    Felix Albutra

    You got the point there my friend. That’s why I only accept advices from those people who already got the expertise.

    Thanks for sharing this my friend.

    - Blogging Access.com


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