3 Major Health Issues Faced By Bloggers & Online Workers

This is 2014 and Blogging has become a main-stream career option. If not blogging, you will find thousands of people around you working remotely on they dream project. I’m also one of those who work from home and most of my time is spent working online. Working online comes with it’s own share of good and bad. What concern me the most about working from home is psychological effects. It’s not rare for me and probably for you that you have spent 4-5 days without meeting any single person physically. You might be happy with the project you are working on, but at the same time you are missing out a lot in terms of happiness. Do remember, achievement and success are two different things.  Achievement is not success whereas success is achievement.

Staying online for hours have various affect on health and me being a Blogger & a doctor, understand it better than most of you out here. Health issues are normal, but most of the time it comes due to your day-to-day activities. For a Blogger or a freelancer, who is working online: Staring at computer and sitting in a chair every day comes with many disadvantages.

Work from home health issues

Before mentioning these common online health issues and its solutions I would ask you to keep all the points in your mind through out your life (blogging life).

Blog posting

Bloggers are more worried about their regular updating of blog with creative and unique contents. In the process they face problems like mental stress and tension worrying about their blog SEO and time factor.
Tips and solution:

  • To avoid stress and mental tensions practice yoga or meditation.
  • Try to write more posts in your free time so that when you are busy you need not complain about time management.
  • Have positive attitude and patience which is essential for a blogger. (remember things wont happen over night)

Bad health habits

Most bloggers are web addicts (blogaholics) and having sedentary life styles. These are reasons for having problems like obesity, weight gain, eye problems and several others. Here I would like to give you a small example to explain you better about one interesting problem: there is a person named X, who is a full-time blogger and getting lot of traffic, earning money huge money, working for all day and night, but he has no care on his health and body. If this type of attitude continues due to his bad health his working efficiency also decrease which indirectly affects the productivity leading to negative development.
Tips and solution:

  • Eat well and avoid junk foods.
  • Exercise daily and daily have a strict schedule for your work.
  • Take rest if you are strained and if you have to work in night for your clients who are in another time zone then manage your rest time in day time.

wasting time unnecessarily: time management

Planning your time is very important and some people are so smart in planning their works which makes them winners in a short span of time.

Tips and solution:

  • Worried about this time management?
  • Wanted to know how to plan well?

The answer for all these questions is just have a strong mindset, control your actions when necessary, have determination and confidence. For example if you have decided to update your blog regularly then keep a strong determination that tell yourself that “I must post daily and for that I spare 1 hour daily at any cost and if I get more free time I will use that for writing more post”. That’s how you can battle through that problem. You can read following ultimate guide to manage your time effectively:

The above three problems are my top 3 list and it may differ from people to people. Tell us what are your top 3 problems from your experience?

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Devagya Uikey says

    My top 3 problems:
    – Health- from past 3 years i have been facing health issues.
    – Family/People- think you’r totally geek/mad and don’t care about anything else then yourself.
    – Social community-Blogging creates vast internet majority, but not so vast in real social community.
    What i find the most relevant solution is TIME MANAGEMENT.

  2. sudha says

    Every job has its own pros and cons and same as blogging. These issues are inevitable things that a blogger must encounter if he is serious in blogging. Thanks for the solutions for each issue. They are helpful.

  3. Kok Siong Chen says

    I really take good care of my health. It is important for me to be healthy if i wish to excourage others to do so. Thanks for sharing!

  4. George Serradinho says

    It’s funny as you posted this when I have been at home for 2 days now with the flu. Bloggers need to make sure they balance life, blogging, friends, family, etc.

    Make time for all and give your best when you are busy with something. I think a positive attitude helps a lot in any situation.

  5. Avinash says

    Rajesh, it very much true that many bloggers neglect health and RSI is another common problem that many users complain after long term pc use.

  6. izzat aziz says

    i can’t afford to spend my time in front of computer all the time..
    i think i need to socialize too.. as for now i don’t think health
    is something i should concern.. maybe when I turn into problogger
    yes it will serious matter :)

    • dr.rajesh moganti says

      do cultivate those healthy habits right from now so that it wont trouble you when u become problogger.

  7. Phaoloo says

    Every job has its own pros and cons and same as blogging. These issues are inevitable things that a blogger must encounter if he is serious in blogging. Thanks for the solutions for each issue. They are helpful.