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    3 Habits to Avoid While Writing a Blog Post

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    People take blogging as a very inexpert and unskilled profession. But, trust me it’s not. Every profession has its own conventions and ways of climbing the success ladder. To be successful in blogging you should possess a skill set full of hard work, patience and perseverance.  And there are few entities you should avoid while your on for a serious blogging work.

    blooging 520x390 3 Habits to Avoid While Writing a Blog Post


    Editing while writing a blog is highly not recommended. The reason for this is it disrupts the flow in the writing as well as knocks down the flow of thoughts which come while your writing a blog. There’s always  a possibility that while you indulge in editing you tend to forget something very important you desired to mention in the blog. Editing is always recommended at the end while you proofread your blog.

    Long breaks:

    Breaks are essential when you sit for hours in front of your computer. But long breaks should always be avoided, as it becomes time consuming for you to resume back to work in the same flow. Your  cogitative capability becomes irksome and decelerate your speed of work. So, we suggest you  take short interval breaks which will refresh you and not making you lethargic.

    Social networking & IM:

    We agree upon this or not  but we are all are addicted to various social networking sites today. As they have become the intermediate media of communication and keeping in touch with our friends. But, checking your updates and tweeting in the middle of work diverts your attention, concentration and thus your work will be delayed. So its essential that you keep your Facebook, twitter etc tabs closed while your at serious work. They are just addictions and we got to keep away from it while working its more like a prerequisite to your blogging routine.

    I hope these tips bring some changes in your work routine and do share with us your tips which you think one should avoid while writing a blog post?

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    Great tips.

    “Breaks are essential when you sit for hours in front of your computer. But long breaks should always be avoided, as it becomes time consuming for you to resume back to work in the same flow.”

    This is so true. This happens with me all of the time. Though taking breaks is necessary, very long ones can break your work flow and make it tiresome to continue the work.



    sneha kohli

    Thanks Nabeel for agreeing with me on this point :-)



    I think that the best advice for anyone who writes an article is exactly the “editing” part, as you well put it out. What I mean is one should just write, write and write, without stopping and let the juices flow. Do it while you are in the “mood” and only proof read or edit it at the end. I have started to use this technique not so long ago and I have found it to be very productive.



    i also liked the editing part. this tip is very important to produce a good post for your blog. pausing between writing a post can make you forget some of the important points which were in your mind at the time of writing



    Gr8 post.
    But I won’t agree with your last topic.
    First of all you said that we are Addicted then addiction should be used in the form of short breaks . right? ;)


    sneha kohli

    Yes Bharat, adiction of social networking can be used in your short breaks but when you try this out you’ll see for your self that you get so much engrosed in it that you dont even realise when your short breaks turn into a long one :-)



    right sneha…i agree with the first point….
    editing while writing is sure a nuisance and i am doing it since ages….

    need to curb it down



    I do not agree with your first point as editing is necessary to have your article improved before publishing. Many probloggers have done this :-)


    saurabh khare

    Blogging is all about passion and when you do something passionately, methodical approaches may be counterproductive. You have failed to provide deeper insights into writing a blog post and i can’t help saying that these tips are forced limitations as I see them.


    sneha kohli

    I agree with your point deepak of keeping away your cell phones. But to some extent you can be stern even if your phone is not on silent mode. You should receive only official and very important calls while your at work :-)


    sneha kohli

    Hey guys, I think the there are lot of agreements and disagreements on the editing part of the post.. but let me clear out this thing. Editing while writing a post interrupts the flow of thoughts, but proofreading and editing are the most essential parts before publishing a blog post :-)


    Virtual Agent

    Social Networking and IMs are truly distracting because instead of thinking about what to write next, you often peep at statuses or games and lose focus. Sometimes you can lose your whole train of thought once you engage in conversations with others that are not related to what you write.


    Joynal Abedin

    Thanks for your great tips. I personally check back two times before clicking the publish button.


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