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    3 Free domain name websites : Advantages and Disadvantages

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    It is a well known fact that a Domain Name adds a profession touch to your website/brand. But, it is sometimes a case of financial crisis or some other problem that a web publisher is not able to purchase a Generic Top-Level Domain for his brand or Website in general.

    domainnameall thumb 3 Free domain name websites : Advantages and Disadvantages

    In such cases a need for free Domain names is required. So, I am going to tell you about three Services which allow you to register a Domain name for free. I mentioned above that these services will allow you to register a Domain name for free, but another bonus is that they will also allow you to manage your DNS entries like CNAME, A, MX, NS records for free! Now I will describe the benefits and Demerits of each of these service for you to decide which one is the Best suited for you.

    CO.CC Advantages:

    • Zero Renewal fees for Personal Domain names
    • Allows registrations of two domain names for free
    • Web forwarding facility available
    • If you donate to co.cc, you can register 100 more free domains in your account
    • You can earn money by referrals

    CO.CC Disadvantages:

    • If you place Ads on the Domain name, then you have to pay 3$ as renewal fee of the Domain name every year. If you don’t pay the required amount then your Domain name will be deleted
    • The domain name will be suspended without notice if it contains any illegal/ spam/ adult material
    • Not all the Domain names are free to register. Some domain names need you to pay a small amount to register
    • You need to Set-Up your Domain name before 48 hours of Registering, else it will be deleted

    CO.TV Advantages:

    • Allows registrations of three domain names for free
    • Web Forwarding Facility available
    • Site Builder functionality available

    CO.TV Disadvantages:

    • Domain name is registered only for one Year. You need to re-register it after one-year.
    • Registering a Premium Domain name costs you 199$ flat.[Premium domain names are usually keywords which are short, can easily be remembered, has multiple meanings or generic quality names]
    • The domain name will be suspended if any violent/ humiliating/ illegal/ spam/ ad*lt material is hosted on it
    • You need to Set-Up your Domain name before 24 hours of Registering, else it will be deleted
    • No referral system for earning through affiliates
    • They can Anytime convert any free services to paid services, remove a part or all of the services temporarily or permanently

    UNI.CC Advantages:

    • Domain name is registered for Life-Time. Forget about renewals!

    UNI.CC Disadvantages:

    • Only one domain name can be registered per IP Address
    • UNI.CC might serve Advertisements on your website (in some cases)
    • Your Domain name will be deleted without notice if you don’t get more than 10 Hits in 3 months duration
    • Domain name is deleted if any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, infringing, or threatening content is hosted on it
    • Members need to pay a small maintenance fee to keep their sites free of banner Ads
    • You cannot manage CNAME entries in your DNS settings

    Even though there are many more services like these ones, most of them are spam sites. Keep in mind that these services allow you to Manage your Domain names completely by giving access to DNS setting and these services are completely different from URL redirection services.

    Now, I think I have made a decent effort to tell you the Advantages and Disadvantages of these services and I would like to know which services interest you and which of these will you use for free domain name and WHY? . Looking forward your answers!

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    well, will .co.cc domains are ranked similar to .com domains?
    Harsh Can You Answer? cos .co.cc can be used for link building as well


    Rajat Kumar

    how about .ru domains?


    Rajan Balana

    I always prefer co.cc domain name because they look very professional in address bar


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