3 Clever Advertisement Placement Ideas

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3 Clever Advertisement Placement Ideas

For any blogger the first way to make money is via Advertisement. Either be it CPM ads, contextual ad, Affiliate ads or may be direct advertisement.

For me it’s contextual ads and direct ad sales. My main focus is on Direct ad sales over contextual ads and I keep playing with ad placement to make most out of my direct ad inventory.

One thing which I have learned is you should always place ad in a way that it should not hamper readability and your advertisers should get maximum exposure. Here are two ad placement which I have played with and have some nice stats to share:

125*125 ad placement at bottom of posts:


One thing which I added few months back is I added 4 125*125 ad slot at bottom of the post. Out of them 2 ad spots are being used by Buysellads and rest 2 are my direct affiliate ads. I set the price at 80$/month and ads were sold  instantly. Since this ad’s are placed at the bottom of the post, so once reader is done reading the post he can take relevant action. If the advertisement is relevant to the post (which usually does), those advertisers get a direct sale. I have noticed some good CTR for ads below post.

So next time, you might like to add one more ad spot below post at your blog.

125*125 Header :


Beside logo one of the most common ad placement you have seen is 468*60 and it’s great for brand awareness but CTR is less because of ad blindness. On my CallingAllgeeks blog, I added 2 125*125 ad slot via buysellads and they are performing good. Since it was a complete new place for ad placement, I sold 2 ads within 3 days and at this moment one ad slot is available. I have not great luck with this ad but so far it’s performing better than 468*60 ads.

Conceptual Ad placement:


This ad placement is something I’m thinking to try on any of my blog and want to see how it performs. Probably it’s going to get live on any of my affiliate or webhosting blog. The idea is to have 4 125*125 ad spot instead of 728*90 ad spot at the top. Since 728*90 ad spot at the top header perform the best, replacing it with 125*125 ad will boost your income via affiliate sales.

Out of all the above I highly recommend to try 125*125 below post at this moment as they perform really good, rest other two you can try and do let me know how did they perform for you?

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Harsh has written 1043 articles.

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  1. Sundar@catchd says

    yes good way of creating adspots, and i have been seeing 728/90 same advert on top from very long time what is that ?

  2. DailyTechPost says

    Great ideas..I think text ads just below categories in the navigation bar can also be a good area, as there are more chances of visitor clicking on them. :)

  3. SathishKumar says

    I am using the Conceptual Ad placement, in my blog. But its not giving me any results. Hope one day it will bring me some results.

  4. Fazreen says

    Hi Harsh,
    Just one question, do you use plugin to manage the 125×125 ad at the bottom of the posts? or do you insert the code manually?

  5. Pritam @ Home Based Jobs says

    Hi Harsh,
    I am just wondering why the feedburner stats are showing so drastic changes. Just few days I saw it was above 10K. It was 7K+ 2-3 days back and again today when I am looking at your stats its showing 4K only.
    I have noticed such changes in many blogs.
    Is this the problem from feedburner or what else.
    Pritam Nagrale

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