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    25 Innovative Ways for Making Creative Blogs

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    Blogging is the mean of sharing your thoughts on World Wide Web among various age and group of people. There are millions of Bloggers blogging on various topics and sharing information with the world. However to stand out of the crowed you need an effective blog business plan. So that you can make a creative blog in this competitive blogging industry.

    Follow the below twenty-five creative ideas that will popularize your blogand make you different from your competitors.

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    1. Start with a disceptation. But always be in your limits.

    2. Start a debate but remember that you conclude it too.

    3. Try writing about any other bloggers. This will fetch you their readers as well. But remember write only positive about others bloggers. Can even post the interviews of other bloggers.

    4. Design your blog and make them look appealing.

    5. Write about yourself and your personal life as well so that your reader can relate you easily

    6. Raise some questions that can evoke readers to answer them.

    7. Just share your Birthday, anniversary, weeding or other celebrations via  blog post, this will give personal touch.

    8. Don’t forget the date you created you blog and got the first follower.

    9. Celebrate your blog’s birthday too.

    10. Share some funny incidents as well with the readers but do this occasionally only.

    11. Advertise your blog. You can make a sticker containing your blog’s name and can stick Make a bumper sticker with your blog’s name and fix it to your car, bike or office desk. You Can also consider publishing an advertisement in newspaper or magazines.

    12. Can even create a book and circulate it to your readers at free of cost.

    13. Arrange for a consort at commission base.

    14. Discuss about current affairs and latest obsessions.

    15. Always show your gratitude towards the regular compliments. And inspire the readers to share their opinions.

    16. Can even generate the Polls or Questionnaire and can reward or give award to the winners.

    17. Share your and your family members’ pictures. Pictures give visualization and human mind accepts the visible content faster than the readable content.

    18. Be ready to become volunteer, to help for the social cause, donate or arrange the donations for Non profit Organizations.

    19. Share your expectations and your accomplishments related to your blog.

    20. Can even arrange a get-together for the local followers of you blog.

    21. You can even set some discussion on your own older articles.

    22. Start an award distribution system. Can publish a newsletter. Even can publish the results of surveys made by you.

    23. Can share your personal adventurous experiences or can show your picture with any celebrity or Autograph album, but make sure you have some popular celebrities who have written for you in your Autograph-album.

    24. Can even provide some useful tutorials that can teach something new. You can post about your hobbies such as if cooking, write recipe of any dish. But keep it niche specific.

    25. Create some user-friendly tools that your readers can use, such as google search in your blog, or your blog search etc.

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    These are the excellent ideas to brand our blog, thanking you for creating a concise and must useful tips for every blogger…


    Successful Blogging

    Hi Bilal, you’ve provided great resource to blogging. Every blogger should know What to Blog? How to Blog? and When to Blog? if he needs Success in Blogging. Thanks for the share..



    Nice write up bilal. Some blogger even have no intention about what to blog. your tips will help them to make create blog.



    Hi Bilal,

    Very nice article I will be taking some of your tips for my own blog.



    These are some very innovative and excellent ideas Bilal. I have seen many blogs celebrating their blog anniversary and having giveways on such occasions.
    Giving a bit of personal touch is a very good idea, but we also need to be careful about not to over-do it, specially in a niche like this.


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Bilal,

    Excellent article, bro. The article is good for both a newbies and expert. Thanks for sharing.




    Nice article, it really motivates to write better and better


    Gourav Jain

    Nice share Bilal ….. um going to use a few of them for my blog !!


    Rakesh @ Wizard Journal

    It;s a big bulky list for blog branding, i feel popularizing blog with footer banner in forums help too.



    That’s excellent and creative one. Grt work dude :)



    Hi Bilal,

    You’ve got some truly out-of-the-box ideas here.

    Coincidentally, I was reading another of your guest posts on smartbloggerz dot com. Man, you need to take care of your language. Use proper grammar and avoid typos at all costs. If necessary, get it proof read by someone. By posting articles without proper screening you are damaging your reputation and also the branding of the blog on which you are guest posting.


    Tech Maish

    Sammy@ Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. I try my best to not repeat in future.
    Thanks to all commentators for appreciating the post.


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