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Facebook pages vs Facebook groups for Blogs

I have always emphasised on the importance of Facebook presence for a Blog or for any brand. Being one of the largest social networking community, if you use Facebook properly for your marketing effort, you might not need to be dependent on search engines for traffic and sales.  Facebook offers many ways to promote your brand on FB and two most important are: Facebook Pages and Facebook groups. Both have their advantages [...]

How Personality Type affects the Quality of Facebook Friends

The way we define our friends has vastly changed over the past decade or so. There is a fine line between virtual friends and the friends we see in real life. In many cases, these two groups overlap. We might connect with former friends through social networking sites but never actually see them in person for the rest of our lives. Other friends we connect with online we might see every single [...]

How Important Is The Factor Of Money in Blogging?

Let’s talk about the factor of money in blogging. A lot out there are into the blogging business because of money, someone made them dream that blogging is a way to earn money overnight without efforts and they thought let's try it. Let's try it? Is it what exactly you want in you to make millions out of your blog like Tech crunch, Mashable and many more in the list? I am sorry [...]

How to Make Your Infographic Go Viral

When you hear about infographics, you might automatically think that it will go viral as most of these usually do. But why exactly is this? Why do infographics always rank well and attract so many readers? There are a few reasons why so many marketers use them as part of their marketing strategy and also because, well, they work! It’s a great way to add quality content to your site [...]

What Matters Most? Quantity or Quality Of Blog Post

Quantity or Quality Blog Posts ? What to choose ? Many beginners are trapped into this question and don't know what to do next. Specially when we know, it's easy to work on small and speed posts. We can easily publish 5-10 blog posts in 2 hours of time, if we focus more on quantity and ignore the quality. Though, there are pros and cons of both side and in this [...]