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November 2012

How to Create Secret Board in Pinterest

Pinterest which is one of the popular social networking sites for images is going one step ahead with a new privacy feature call Secret board. So far, there is no way of hiding your pinned stuff on Pinterest. There is no such settings as privacy which will let you set your Pinned board for any [...]

HitTail Review : Related Keyword Suggestion Tool

There are numerous SEO tools out there and my are of interest is on those SEO tools which takes care of particular problem. For example, earlier I talked about one tool call SEMRUSH which let us find long tail Keyword with high CPC. Today I will be reviewing a long tail Keyword suggestion tool known as Hittail [...]

How to Keep Domain Parked Before Site Launch for Better SEO?

When ever I plan to start a new Blog, I usually buy the domain first and install WordPress on it. This is a good approach but how about SEO effects of parked domains? There are many parked domain WordPress themes out there which are also useful to get ne subscribers before actual launch of your site but [...]

4 Recipe for Writing Great Blog Comments

Blog commenting is one thing we bloggers and internet marketers do regularly, and it can be a source of Backlinks as well as a good source of traffic for your blog. Due to how spammers have taken over the internet world, most blog owners are now becoming strict when it comes to the type of [...]

Google November 2012 PR Update

Google PR which is probably an over rated terms and going to be in the mind of many bloggers for few days, as Google made a major PR update in the month of November 2012. Google last PR update was in August and we have been expecting an update in the month of November. Google is [...]

7 Hidden Secrets to Writing Viral Blog Posts

We all hear about blog posts and other online content that goes "viral?" This is something that all bloggers want, yet it's a challenge to actually accomplish this. What is viral content, and what exactly causes a blog post to go viral? A viral blog post is a post that's shared by lots of people. [...]

11 Costly Mistakes That May Reduce Your Blog Traffic

Being a Blogger is fun and the most interesting part is making mistakes and learning from it. When I started blogging, I made many mistakes which reduced my Blog traffic and hampered my Blog brand, thought I never let those mistakes stopped me as it's part of life. When ever you start with something new and [...]