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September 2012

Why Affiliate Marketing is better than PPC Monetization?

Most of the bloggers prefer Pay Per Click advertising program to generate revenue from their blog and don’t think about affiliate marketing because they found it difficult compare to PPC programs. Infact, many bloggers find getting started with Affiliate marketing tough than using PPC programs like Adsense, Bidvertiser and so on. Google AdSense is most popular among [...]

How To Use Jetpack Plugin WordPress Mobile Theme Feature

If you remember, some time back I reviewed Jetpack WordPress plugin which is by Automattic (WordPress creator) and brings many features of into self hosted WordPress blog. In past few months, they have added many features and needless to say, now it's one of the must have plugin for your WordPress blog. Today, I ditched one [...]

Ten Most Recommended Content Curation Tools

With the kind of things that get included in the mainstream nowadays, keeping a content blog for the services or products that you offer to your prospective customers is now a must-have for businesses and small companies alike. The people have turned so much social from the time social networking has been introduced in our minds in [...]

Elegant Theme Review: Most Affordable WordPress Theme Club

I remember the time when I started Blogging and one of the tough task is was to select a WordPress theme. My requirement was simple, as all I wanted was a good looking theme which doesn't require any kind of coding and let me add advertisement (mostly Adsense) at the places I want. In short, [...]

Easy Ways to Increase Google Search CTR

Ranking #1 in Google search is the best thing that can happen to your blog and it's not impossible but it's not so easy. Now, what to do when you are ranking on first page but not in top 3 search engine positions, how could you use that rank to get more click through rate than [...]

Hey Bloggers Focus More on Blogs Than Social Networking Sites

I am not sure how this question sound to you but I m sure there would be many who will think otherwise. I respect everyone’s opinion but I still feel that social media marketing is over-hyped and as a result of that, most of us are literally wasting our time, money and energy in trying [...]

PPC – Pay Per Click: 4 Easy Tips To Improve Your Campaign

PPC or pay-per-click is a method of online advertising. It is used to direct traffic from the place where the user found the ad, and clicked on it, to the landing page. How does PPC work? Well, through online advertising programs, such as Google AdWords, marketers specify how much they are willing to pay for [...]