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August 2012

Suck At Coding? Use Website Builder to Create a Website

Building a website takes a lot of time and experience. It is much more than a simple blog you create with your friends. If you need to have merchant services to receive payments from customers, or need your site to be interactive, consider using a website builder. You can purchase the software or use your [...]

Facebook Offer : Make Money from Facebook Pages

Facebook pages is one of the best tool to promote your site on Facebook. Facebook has been adding many new features like Facebook schedule message, Sponsored stories and today I spotted new feature call Facebook offers on my fan page. This new feature will directly help E-commerce companies to offer special discount coupons and offers [...]

Few Blogging Questions and My Answers

This is another round of question answers, and here I will be answering some of the questions related to Blogging, asked by ShoutMeLoud readers. Usually, when a reader Email me, I try to answer them directly via Email but at the same time it depends upon how much time I can put into answering individual [...]

Doshare Chrome Extension: Makes Google Plus Post Scheduling Easy

Despite of Google plus being one of the important Social networking site for Bloggers (It improves search engine ranking), I hate it due to lack of very few third-party applications, to automate the process. Earlier I have shared How to Auto publish blog posts to Google plus pages and today, I'm talking about Doshare chrome [...]

5 Alternative Ways To Optimize Images on Your Blog

One of the issues when maintaining your own website or blog site is answering the question “How do I optimize images?”, isn’t it? This is most especially if you found out that your images and even the thumbnails is loading too slow. And f you are not aware, a slow loading website can affect your [...]

10 Best Ways to Promote your iPhone/iPad App or Game

App developers for iOS are growing in numbers every year and currently iOS developers are 4 times than the number of Android developers. Apple iPhone and iPad apps continues to drive in more developers for the platform due to the profitability of the iPhone/iPad app market. Which now guardian estimates that, for the top 200 [...]

How to Create Multi-Author WordPress blog for Guest Posting

You might have heard about Guest posting is dying and it's true, but what you don't know about guest posting is; it is still the most profitable way to get links from high quality sites. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I have definitely lowered down the number of guest posts publishing, but I still accept guest posts [...]