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June 2012

Facebook Page Admins Can Comment & Like with Personal Profile

Facebook is one of the best free marketing tool and it's Facebook fan page which works the best to reach to 900+ million users. We have covered a lot of tutorial on Fb fan page and if you just started with Facebook marketing, here are some resources which will help you to understand Fb fan page better: How to Create Facebook fan Page How to make a Fan page popular [...]

Can’t Keep up? 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive

We usually neglect small things in our blogs. Sometimes those small changes can bring us massive results. Successful blogging requires right Blogging tools and efforts to stand out, but with the blog marketing space growing so crowded it can be very difficult to select the right platforms to stand out from the crowd. Now, like every person, blog have their own personality, which is visible in the form of content, design and elements on [...]

WordPress 3.4.1 Released : Security Update

WordPress 3.,4 was out couple of days back and now WordPress just pushed out an updated version 3.4.1 which fixes 18 bugs. Here are the issues that has been taken care in this version: Fixes an issue where a theme’s page templates were sometimes not detected. Addresses problems with some category permalink structures. Better handling for plugins or themes loading JavaScript incorrectly. Adds early support for uploading images on iOS [...]

Google Panda 3.8 Rolled out: What To do Next?

Google updates it's algo or refresh the data every month and with every month data refresh, we can see the impact on our blog traffic. Google has confirmed about the latest Panda 3.8 algo data refresh rolled out on Monday 25th June. You can bookmark Google algo change page, to keep an eye on latest panda and penguin updates. As reported by official Google Twitter profile, Google has confirmed the same [...]