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December 2011

Why You Should Use WordPress For Blogging

WordPress Powers 20% of the websites in the world and this is a huge number. WordPress was started a blogging platform and now it's competing to be the best CMS out there. As a blogger if you have been looking for the right blogging platform for yourself; I would recommend WordPress. This is the same [...]

Importance of Keyword in SEO : Beginners Guide

One of the most common tip which you will get when writing a blog post is keep a Focus or target Keyword. Many bloggers are still not aware of importance of Keyword targeting and how a simple Keyword research will help you. It's true that writing quality posts will help you to drive traffic but [...]

How to Check Google Page Rank in Bulk

Google rolls out page rank update after every couple of months and if you are managing multiple websites, it become hard for you to check page rank of individual site. Here I'm sharing free sites which will help you to check page rank in bulk. There are many online sites and free software's which will [...]

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program?

Last time I talked about Commision Junction and Dreamhost affiliate program which will help you to monetize your site. This time I'm going to talk about Amazon affiliate program. Amazon is one of the world's biggest marketplace and I started focusing on Amazon for gadgets product. Despite of so many affiliate marketplace, many bloggers and [...]

How to Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Blog

One of the most common branding tip which you will get for your Business or for your Website is to create Facebook page. Here I'm sharing a complete tutorial on How to create Facebook page for your Business Website.If you are not sure why you should create a Facebook page, read below. In this post we will look [...]

Google+ Page Multiple Managers And Circle Volume Feature [How to]

Google+ business pages multiple managers was one of the most requisite feature by every Google+ page owner. Finally, Google announced the support of adding multiple admin to your Google+ pages. If we compare Google+ multiple managers feature with Facebook fan page, they had this feature from long and it’s very useful for big brand. Even [...]

Best Firefox Addon for Web Developers and Designers

Firefox is one of the best browser for developers. There are many handy Firefox Addon for Web Developer which will help them to boost their productivity and help them with project development. The emergence of Mozilla Firefox in the world of browsers, back in 2004, was received especially well among the guild of web developers. On the [...]