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October 2011

PayPal Increased Receiving Limit to $3000 for Indians

In last couple of months we have seen many issues related to PayPal and some of them were : Maximum single transaction limit to $500 Can't use PayPal money for buying/Shopping Auto withdrawal of Paypal money to bank every day. Pan Card no. Purpose code for withdrawal. Obviously none of them came as good news for Indian PayPal users. Though they removed the withdrawal charge or Indian users and that [...]

Google Plus got Hashtag and Real time Search

Google has implemented real-time search everywhere, they have already included it in Google search, Google mobile and now this is the time for Google social networking site Google plus. Before I will show you how this new real-time search works, here is a major feature update on Google plus and that is Hashtag. Till now, we are so used to using Hashtag on Twitter and it’s one of the great [...]

How to do Image Optimization for SEO

On-page Optimization and Image optimization are the basic steps for your SEO campaign. As the Search Engines are getting smarter and more intelligent, the process of achieving a good search ranking is getting more complex. Now it takes much more than just quality content to get to the top. There are many factors that contribute to showing up well in search engine rankings, one of the most important of them [...]

How to Integrate Intense Debate Commenting System into BlogSpot Blogs

I have already talked about how much I hate BlogSpot default commenting system as it requires more click and not really commentator friendly. Some of the popular commenting system like DISQUS & intense debate can easily be integrated into BlogSpot commenting system and thus it will offer more advanced features. Though if you wish to migrate to WordPress (Tell me why you should not) in future, importing comment from intense [...]