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September 2011

How I Removed Malware on my Hacked WordPress blog

I have read ShoutMeLoud post on WordPress sites using Timthumb.php is Prone to Hacking couple of days back, and after 2-3 days back I encountered a very strange problem on Chrome browser. When ever I opened my WordPress blog on Chrome browser, it shows following message: " contains content from, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site." I also check my site [...]

ShoutMeLoud is Back Online on Hostgator Shared Hosting

If you are one of the regular readers of ShoutMeLoud, you might have noticed frequent downtime and theme changes in last couple of days. There are many reasons for the same and one of them was my hosting server. I was on Linode VPS and despite of being one of the powerful unmanaged VPS server, my site was going down again and again. Though the reason might be due to [...]

Google+1 Button & Facebook Like Extension for Chrome [Official]

Google+1 button has become one of the most essential social bookmarking buttons for any Website and specially I love to +1 any article which deserves it. Until now, not all the WebPages have implemented +1 button and this might be a big problem for Google, specially when they are planning to use +1 as one if the major signal for search engine ranking. Google team has launched an official Chrome [...]

Top 5 Community sites for Web Designers

Apart from typing HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, a web designer needs to do a lot of other things like reading magazines and blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends, check out other websites for some inspiration and also read the news to know about what’s happening in the design industry. Well, one can find hundreds of blogs and websites related to web designing. But, I always [...]

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