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September 2011

5 LinkedIn Plugins you should Install in Your Blog

LinkedIn is the only social network sites which is totally dedicated for Professionals, unlike the other social sites like Facebook and twitter, it acts as a online resume for any professionals. Socializing your blog with LinkedIn will be very useful for you in various aspect. There are over 8 social plugins available for the users at present but as a blogger you need only five LinkedIn plugins for your blog, which is [...]

Blogging Success Revealed: The Bird’s Eye View of Fishing Strategy

Blogging has evolved in this new era. It's no longer ideal for you to call yourself a blogger and still cling to the old systems. We all know what has been happening before in the world of blogging. It's traditional to always update your blog posts with fresh content and build backlinks here and there. That hasn't changed and up till this moment, fresh content and backlinks still holds a great [...]

Facebook Subscribe Button: Everything you need to know

In last couple of months, we have seen lots of improvements and features added to Facebook. Facebook subscribe button is the latest in additions. Needless to say, it’s an attempt from Facebook to cut down the migrating social media junkies to Google+. More over, with Google+ emerging as sole competitor to Facebook, new set of features and improvement become a requisite of the time. Looking at some of new features [...]

5 Mind Enhancement Tips to Become A Better Person– Fast

I’m a Professional blogger and in a couple of months, I’m going to complete my 3 years of professional blogging journey. Though we all know Blogging is a self-employed job which comes with it’s own up’s and down’s. I have lived a very easy life in last 3 years and enjoyed the freedom of working from home and work at any time of the day. Though when I think about [...]

Now Set Custom Name for Facebook Fan pages with Less than 25 Fans

Custom Username for Facebook fan pages adds another level of branding to it and more over pretty URL makes it easier for your fans to find your Fan page on Facebook. For example when you create a Fan page on Facebook, your Fan page URL would be something like: but a page with custom username is clean and that will give your page URL like: Earlier you need [...]

5 Bitter Realities About Being A Freelance Web Designer

It's common to see that many web designers take the path of freelancing these days. However, many don't succeed doing the same because there are few ugly truths hidden in this career.  From the perspective of an ordinary web designer (one who is employed by a company), a freelancer is assumed to lead a rock star lifestyle - waking up late and finishing stuff early sounds great but the reality [...]

3 Useful uTorrent add on for the Popular Torrent Client

When ever we talk about popular Torrent clients, uTorrent is one of the most advocated client. Here I'm sharing 3 useful uTorrent add on which will help you to increase productivity of your uTorrent client. I always consider Torrents as a very useful technique and invention, though torrents are quite old now but they are still perfect for downloading something from the internet. Those who are familiar with the torrents must know about [...]

How to Add a Subscription Box Similar to ShoutMeLoud

Subscription box is a widget that simply allows the readers to subscribe to your blog, either via RSS or Email and to connect with you on various other social networking sites. So, it is an essential widget/plug-in for every blog - be it blogger or WordPress. Well, talking about subscription box, I remember posting an article on Shoutmeloud which illustrates on adding an attractive subscription box with hover effect. However, [...]

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