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July 2011

Simplest Guide To Learn Facebook Video Chat Setup

We just made sure all the readers of ShoutMeLoud and everybody else stumbles upon this website is made sure of the new Facebook Video Chat feature. Yeah, the ability to make calls and video chat with a friend right from your Facebook profile. In case you're confused on how to get the Facebook video chat [...]

Facebook Announces Video Chat and More

It's happened, ladies and gentlemen and geeks!! Few days ago we told you that Facebook is going to launch video chat using Skype's services and as I write this it's already gone live. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg just announced the next big thing on Facebook, the Video Chat feature at an event in Palo Alto. This [...]

How to Add Google Profile Button into your Blog

Google+ is still creating a buzz after one week of release and as a webmaster we are finding how useful it's going to be for traffic and for SEO. Though we know that Google +1 Like will be very useful if you have a big social circle. So, it's quite important to have a great [...]

How to Prepare for a Blog Emergency?

We've all heard about what's happened and is still going on over in Japan. It's got to be a nightmare for the people and the families of those who live there. I'm not going to point any fingers and say they should have been better prepared, because in any disaster, you really can't prepare 100% [...]

Google Blocked Co.CC Domains from Search Results

In an unpredictable move Google deindexed and blocked all domains and sub domains. domain is quite popular among BlogSpot bloggers and many of them are using it as a custom domain. Even could be used for Adsense approval but now this won't even work. is a bulk free sub domain provider [...]

How to Integrate Google Page Speed with W3 Total Cache

Earlier I wrote about How to configure W3 Total cache and also about Google Page speed. Latest version of W3 total cache allow you to integrate with Google page speed to see the performance of your site. Faster your site is, better it's for search engine ranking. In this guide, I will be sharing how [...]

Google +1 Metrics & Webmaster Tool Integration: Everything you Need to Know

As a webmaster you must have noticed that Google has added  "+1" Metrics into Google Webmaster Tools.  But, Do you know the exact reason behind doing so? If your answer is No, then you may carry on reading this article further. In this post, I will figure out areas which you need to know about [...]