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June 2011

How to Create Android App for your Blog/Website?

As you all know that Android is one of the popular mobile OS at this moment.  Android Market is already loaded with 300,000+ Apps and Games for over 300 Android Devices. It gets millions of downloads per day. How about giving your reader an android app for your blog. This way, they can keep track [...]

Learn Logo Designing and Make Money from It

Logo designing is used to specify a brand or an organization name. Today’s business strategy has changed in more amount than before. To get maximum benefits, we have to establish our presence online. And to create our existence on the Internet, to establish our brand “Our Company’s Logo” is most essential. So this necessity could [...]

How to Download Facebook Albums in One Click

The one thing that people often visit Facebook is to view their friends photos and check what everyone has been up to. It is only normal that you might want to download all those albums on to your desktop to view later. Since Facebook changed the way albums are uploaded, there have been many tools [...]

A Proven 3-Step Plan For Attracting Powerful Joint Ventures Partners

If you've ever created your own ebook and then launched an affiliate program in the hope of signing up some serious "players" to promote your product then you've no doubt experienced just how difficult it can be to make any real headway. There is so much competition around that encouraging anyone but the smallest fish [...]

Adsense Clicks : Blogger’s 6 Questions To Google

Although Google Adsense is a great program for generating online income for bloggers however after using this program for a while I came to conclusion that Google must be transparent to its clients as far as remuneration is concerned. We as a publisher want answers from Google about the functioning of Adsense program. I feel [...]

Shout Me Loud: The Next Generation Bloggers

This is a guest post by Steve who blogs at Technocian. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines. Let me have the privilege to introduce you the next generation of bloggers in India. If you know something about blogging and do not know about “Shout Me Loud” then I [...]

4 Ways To Make Your Blog Better

When the blogs first came into existence, they were used as online journals. In other words, there were only personal blogs. But time has changed since then. Nowadays, blogging is more of a business. People write blogs to make money or to promote their products. The usual trend is that you start blogging, gain some [...]