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How to Invite all Your Facebook Contacts to Google+

Google+ is an invitation based social networking site for now and if you planning to invite and connect with all your Facebook friends on Google+, here is a nice tutorial which is going to help you to invite all Facebook friends to Google+. In this tutorial, we will be taking help of Yahoo Facebook importer and then Importing Yahoo contacts to Google+. Lets start with Importing Facebook contacts to Yahoo. Login [...]

Google+ Social Networking Site: First Impression

Google launched Google+ social networking site 2 days back and today I got my hands on Google+ invitation and so far I'm playing with Google+. Here I'm sharing my first hand experience with Google+. Google+ social networking site looks more like Facebook at first stage. More over, I'm sure those who landed on Google+, must be comparing it with Facebook for sure. Anyways, Google+ can be called as an advanced [...]

Top Free Twitter Tools To Effectively Manage Twitter Followers

Managing twitter followers and friends are really difficult. For better managing you have to do lots of works, have to use many options. But, twitter’s default options are limited. You can’t manage your account smartly by twitter default options. Everybody knows that twitter success depends on how you can manage your twitter’s followers. Because, twitter success depends on how active your followers are. You only can get success when you [...]

Marketing Strategies For The Newbies With Minimum Budget

Are you one of the Blogger maintaining a Blog or an online business with the tight budget and looking for the best and low-cost methods for promoting your blog/website or your online business. if so then take a look at the below mentioned low-cost and best online marketing strategies which are not only low-cost but also very effective ways for promoting your blog/website. Promoting a website or the online business [...]

Top 3 Photoshop Jobs to Earn Massive Income

Photoshop is an effulgent program, as it holds the ability to adapt to various and different function or activities. You will find it difficult in beginning but once you get used with Photoshop you will view your dreams turning into reality. Only one has to understand the aspects of Photoshop to succeed in career. Creativity is also essential but the knowledge properly executed, will be fruit-full. A person with software [...]

Google+ Project: The Social Network from Google

It’s been long time coming, and now it’s here, well almost. Google has officially entered in to the Social Networking game, again, by revealing this new service called as Google+, which basically is all your social needs at one place and social networking done right. I’m pretty sure many of you may have noticed a black bar earlier today, I had no idea what it was until I got to [...]

What All a Contact Page of Any Website Should have?

There are many essential pages for every website and one of them is contact page. This page works as single page to create a communication between your readers and you. A contact page can be as simple as a page with a contact form or just an Email or it can be as killer as all your contact details including social media profile, Email, phone number, Skype and many more. [...]

How to Fund Your Ideas Through Kickstarter

In the present age, the internet can get you anything. From a bar of candy to a house, car, airplane, ship and even fame, money etc. So what do you do when you need some funding to start a business or project that popped into your head? Well, you can start a fund raiser in case you have some good connections with people, which most entrepreneurs don’t or, you can [...]