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Few Things to Fix in Your Blog Immediately

I know you love your blog and it hurts when someone gives you a negative feedback. But the negative feedback is a thing which is going to help you in your blogging. I have been browsing through many blogs lately and I take some time to leave feedbacks to bloggers, but it seems they get offended and never reply back or never try to correct it. I decided to write [...]

Why Nicheless Blogs can’t Compete with Niche Blog

When it comes to making money blogging, a niche blog is the way to go. The main reason is that, by blogging in your niche, you establish yourself as an expert. Then, you’ll have more people checking your blog when they need information on the topic. It also makes Google like you more, when it starts recognizing you as an authority. When I started my Software Reviews blog I was [...]

Facebook Send Button: Facebook Button code

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature ( Facebook Send Button) for sending links and other interesting topics to people through your blog or website. It's something similar to the previously introduced Facebook Like and Fb Share buttons by Facebook. This is also simply known as the 'Facebook Send' button. With the introduction of Facebook Send Button, Facebook has actually made the sharing of content more exclusive. What does the [...]

How To Improve The Quality of Your Comments on Other Blogs

Comment plays an important role for a Blogger to appreciate his working and also a platform for open discussion on the Topic or post they are Commenting. As a reader, you probably like reading the comments that are left on blogs and perhaps you even leave comments on posts that you enjoy. When every blogger get notification that new comments arrived to moderate He gets excited to read them. Comments [...]

How to Display WordPress Recent Posts on Your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the professional network having more than 100 million members. It is a business oriented social networking site to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. So, It's a good way to promote your website in front of quality crowd. Specially if your blog is about B2B, you have chances to attract more interested readers via LinkedIn. On linkedIn, there are many ways to promote [...]

Blog Copying Article Ranking Higher After Google Panda Effect

I’m sure all bloggers here are aware of Google panda effect and those who have suffered from Panda should read How to recover from Google panda effect. So I have been working hard to make sure that we recover the lost traffic after panda effect as soon as possible. While working on SEO of my blogs, I realized that many blogs which are using auto RSS method to copy content [...]

Shattering the Myth about Keyword Density Formula

Keyword density—anyone who is into the SEO campaign knows what these two words stand for and recognizes the fact that this is one of the most talked about topics in the SEO world. There’s only one reason for this: keyword density is the basis of a successful SEO campaign. For those of you who are new to SEO, keyword density is the percentage of how many times a keyword or [...]

Email Marketing – Has It Become A Dinosaur?

Once upon a time email marketing was a rage and then came the big daddy. Privacy issues started a wave of legislation and emails somehow lost their sheen. The spam button is now just a click away. Spam filters make sure that you are not inundated with Viagra lookalikes. Does it mean that emails are no longer a viable option? I feel there is a lot which can still be [...]