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Blogo Vs. Mars Edit Vs. Ecto: Desktop Blog Editors for Mac

For all Bloggers moving from Windows to Mac, this is a topic of much concern. We want a desktop blogging application which serves as a good replacement for Windows Live Writer. Today we compare three popular apps for Mac - MarsEdit vs Blogo vs Ecto which we have used for over a month now. Earlier a Guest Post listed 5 Desktop Blogging Softwares for Mac. The problem with App Lists is [...]

Easy Virtual Credit Cards for Indian Bloggers and Freelancers

Bloggers and Freelancers often have to make payments online for goods and services like web hosting and advertisements. Debit cards are not accepted everywhere and owning a credit card is a must in some scenarios. Moreover, with the upcoming changes in Paypal terms, one can't keep received funds in Paypal account for long. If you have always believed that availing a credit card required stringent approvals at the bank's end [...]

Why Keywords Matter for SEO?

One of the very first tip which you will get as starter in the world of Blogging or websites is to learn SEO. And the very first thing which you should learn is Keyword research. Have you ever thought why Keywords matters this much in SEO? Is it that important or we can''t blog without SEO knowledge? Lets dive into the world of more SEO stories and learn about key-words. Keywords [...]

Using Inbound Links to Promote Your Articles [SEO]

An inbound link is a link from another website that is directed towards your article page. Inbound links from reputable sites tell search engines like Google that your article is relevant and trustworthy. Once your article is published you can help bolster page rankings for your article's selected keyword phrase by generating links to your article's URL on various websites. Building links to your article is by no means a [...]

How Thesis WordPress Theme Helps you to Lower Down Plugins

Thesis is a SEO optimized WordPress theme and I have already done a review of Thesis WordPress Theme. In this post I won’t talk about SEO and typographic advantage of Thesis theme, but I will be talking about WordPress plugins you can remove after using Thesis WordPress theme.  Specially when everyone is trying to speed up their WordPress blog in order to get better ranking in search engine. It’s a [...]

Why Choose Customized Web Design over Template Website Design?

No business can survive today without a website. Try to promote a business solely through word-of-mouth and you’ll soon find out why. Internet is increasingly becoming our first port of call for information on anything so, without a website, your business will be virtually invisible and will rapidly fall behind competitors. When you first begin investigating how to establish an online presence for your business, you will come across an [...]

Whistle Phone: Unlimited Free Calls to U.S.A from iPhone & Mac

Whistle Phone is one of those few iPhone and iPad apps which I love the most. Some time back I told you about Google voice account which gives you a U.S.A based number and also you can make free calls to U.S.A. Though for some strange reason this trick stopped working for me and then I had to start with hunt for another software which can help me to make [...]

Templatic Video WordPress Theme : Free WordPress Video Template

Templatic launched a new free WordPress video template with the name Templatic video WordPress theme. This is one of those free video WordPress templates, that you would like to grab right away. Here I will share my hands on review with Templatic free video WordPress theme. WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) and currently it is the most popular CMS out there. People use CMS, because they [...]