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6 Reasons Why Google Will Penalize You

SEO is all about improving your Website for user experience, and implementing various signals which helps search engine to understand your Website better. For example, when we talk about Google search, we can add authorship, star ranking, proper on page optimization and various other factors, which help Google to determine the authority of our website. Though, at time we go over board with our SEO implementation, and ends up making [...]

5 Factors to Remember While Optimizing Images for Your Blog

We have shared with you few websites to search and download images for your blog. We keep on recommend you to use images in your blog not just because it enhances the article but it helps in SEO also. Apart from link building, keywords, tags and other SEO factors to get good search engine ranking, images also play a vital role when it comes to SEO. Whenever you might have [...]

Lacking Confidence in Writing Articles? Overcome it Now

Many people say that writing articles is an easy task and anyone can write articles. I do agree that anyone can write articles but not everyone can write quality articles and that’s the reason why few bloggers get more traffic and regular readers and few don’t. < Image Credit > The main reason for the difference in quality articles in the way in presenting the articles and your articles must [...]

9 Actionable Tips To Promote Your Blog Ninja Style?

Blogging is fun but it's not every body job. A Good blog doesn't need only quality content but you also need to promote your blog and market it in a right way to give maximum exposure.  When we Talk about blogging, first few things which comes into our mind is traffic, money, popularity and so on.  One thing which is very true about this is, if you have traffic, money [...]