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January 2011

[Basic Guide] How to Create Adsense account?

As a blogger you must have heard of Adsense, which is one of the best contextual ad network from Google. In this post we will see how you can create adsense account for your Website. There are many Adsense alternatives, but no matter what network you try Adsense is certainly the best. Though, if you [...]

12 Useful Plugins for WordPress

Plugins extend WordPress to do anything you may imagine. Does your WordPress blog has the most essential plugins? Let me point out few plugins that improve your web site user experience and make WordPress admin tasks easier. I have created a list of 12 WordPress plugins which are very useful for every blogger who are blogging [...]

Related Post Slider WordPress Plugin

Blog design plays a major role in lowering down bounce rate. A bad design will generate less CTR and it will give less conversion. Even avg. time on site will be low. Specially, when it's clear that Google consider user interaction as a point for SEO, having a well optimized and designed blog helps a [...]

How To Check Google Webmaster Penalty for A Domain

If your website Google traffic suddenly becomes zero or goes down sharply then it may be possible that it has been penalized by Google. You need to analyze Google penalty. Here are given some effective ways to check about Google Webmaster penalty. Type your full domain URL in Google Search First type and search your [...]

How to Import All In One SEO Values Into Thesis WordPress Theme?

Few days back while discussing with friends, many of my blogger friends told me that they are not migrating to Thesis Theme because they are scared of losing all the all in one SEO values or duplicating the same values. Moreover using All in one SEO plugin along with Thesis Theme doesn’t make any sense [...]

Huge List of Useful Tools for Blogging

A definition of a good blogger is one who knows how to mix hard work and smart work. Another traits of a good blogger is he use many useful tools for Blogging which increases their productivity. Here I'm going to share some of the best useful Blogging tools which you can use in your day to day [...]