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How to Import All In One SEO Values Into Thesis WordPress Theme?

Few days back while discussing with friends, many of my blogger friends told me that they are not migrating to Thesis Theme because they are scared of losing all the all in one SEO values or duplicating the same values. Moreover using All in one SEO plugin along with Thesis Theme doesn’t make any sense to me too. Overview I was doing a blog redesign for Ruchi’s (@whiztechy) Personal relationship [...]

Huge List of Useful Tools for Blogging

A definition of a good blogger is one who knows how to mix hard work and smart work. Another traits of a good blogger is he use many useful tools for Blogging which increases their productivity. Here I'm going to share some of the best useful Blogging tools which you can use in your day to day Blogging need and get your work done quickly. Blogging is not an easy task that [...]

ShoutMyDomain : Buy Domain Names for Cheap

There are many domain registrar out there in the market, and all of them are good. What matter is how good and reliable customer service is. Today, I announce the launch of new domain registrar from our brand: Shout My Domain. ShoutMyDomain is a fully functional domain registrar and you can buy any Top level domain from here. We also have special discounted domains and offer which you can see [...]

How to Submit Blog to Technorati?

Update July 2014: Technorati have revamped and now it's no more a directory of blogs. Technorati is not accepting any new blog submission. Technorati is one of the biggest blog directory and has a great index of Blogs from around the globe. Technorati not only is an index of Blogs but also rank them. And if your site is ranked at top 10 under any category, you can expect some [...]

5 Common Mistake A New Blogger Frequently Make

A New Year have come again. As a blogger, we are all eagerly waiting for a more successful year in blogging journey. In order to getting the goals, not only do we have to work harder, but also learn from things we experienced and dealt with last year, both success and fail. As a blogger on the first stage of the blogging way, I would like to share with you [...]

Payoneer Stopped Services in India

Payoneer is one of the good alternatives to Paypal. Just like Paypal, Payoneer allows transferring the amount online from all over the world and the best part about Payoneer is that you can withdraw your money from ATMs with the help of Master Debit Card. But unfortunately RBI (Reserve Bank of India) instructed Payoneer to stop its services in India in next few hours and later the ATM service too. [...]

Simple Tips for a Newbie to Grow Your Blog

Whenever a new Blogger arise, he faces tremendous fear, "fear of falling". To make sure you are not one among them, follow this article. Focus on Writing skills: Blog is nothing but sharing your ideas and stuff, to everyone so as to obtain an appreciation and respect. The biggest thing holding a good blogger from writing good post, is various distraction of other stuff on Internet. Some much of time [...]

111 Blogging Tips For Newbie Bloggers

Every newbie bloggers struggle in driving traffic and creating a successful blog. Here I'm creating a list of 111 checklist which will help any bloggers to improve his blog from day first and also mentioned few steps which any newbie bloggers should avoid.