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January 2011

How to Start Blogging with Free WordPress blog

We have shared many tutorials in the past like How to start with professional WordPress blog. Technically a self hosted WordPress blog is professional side of blogging as you have all the control. Though for a beginners it’s always wise to start a blog on free or BlogSpot blog without spending a dime. WordPress [...]

5 Questions One Should Ask Himself before writing a guest post.

Before writing a guest post try to answer simple 5 questions as it will make writing a guest post a lot more easier and in some ways it will help in writing great content as you are confident about what you are writing will go live and have clear objectives in your mind.You will feel [...]

What is Guest Blogging : Guide

Are you an internet entrepreneur? Do you run a blog? Do you want to learn how to learn how to leverage a single guest article to increase your brand awareness online? Do you want to strengthen your online personal brand? Do you desire to be a good business networker? If your answer to any of [...]

Why Your Website Is Naked Without The About Page

Starting a website these days is very easy, and anyone with limited tech skills can install WordPress, and start a website within minute. The hard part is making your website trustable and authority.  To be honest, it's not as hard as it's sound, but you need to know what elements your blog should have, to [...]

5 Habits That Will Destroy Your Blogging Career

You want to be successful, everyone does. But what is holding you back? Is there something that successful people doing and you aren't. Do they have something that you don't. Maybe the answer is NO, but you may be possessing the following 5 Habits that can hinder your growth as a successful blogger. Information Overloading [...]

Why You Are Not Getting Comments on Your Blog Post

I will always remember the time when I received my first blog comment and how I went hysterical! It’s a feeling that’s hard to put into words but I was definitely grateful for it. It gave me the motivation that I needed to persevere in writing about topics of my passion. But, I have a [...]

Top 8 Online Free map Applications to find any Geographical Location

I am a VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) Engineer so I am always fascinated by maps and different online map services. GPS devices are the backbone of vehicle tracking but without quality map it is useless .There are numerous companies who provide map services but among them very few are reliable. In this article I am [...]