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How to Set up WordPress Blog [CheckList]

Installing a WordPress blog is something anyone with zero experience can do it, and here at ShoutMeLoud we have covered installation guides for popular webhosting companies. Before I share this WordPress checklist, you can browse installation guides below: How to Install WordPress on Bluehost How to install WordPress manually on any webhosting One of the important aspect of creating a successful blog is by setting up your blog right way. [...]

How To Use Google Analytics to Check Efficiency on Multi-Author Blogs

With the evident rise in the number of multi-author blogs, we really need some tools to measure how efficient an author is. Today I am going to show you how to use Google Analytics to do it. Since, almost all blogs already use this service it should be easy to implement it. Before we show you how to measure efficiency we must first learn how to setup Google Analytics the [...]

Top 5 Working Link Building Ideas For Newbies

Link Building basically helps your blog to grow more popular and rank order in search engines. The overall benefit is that you get a lot of traffic to your blog and popularity grow faster. Many other blogger have tried many ways and so have I, In this post I'll be telling you the top 5 tips for link building for beginners. By building links, as I said you get more [...]

6 Online Websites To Get Help with English

People whose first language is not English often find difficulties in writing without any mistakes but its a lot easy. Bloggers and content creators should be very particular with spellings , creating a killing title with a clear sense along with selection of keywords in title.Most bloggers and content creators can be very obsessive with spelling and creating titles. As owner of blogs we can't let our awesome articles to [...]

Google Adsense Slaps Auto Content Generated Blogs

How many of you know about auto content generation tools? If not, let me give you a overview. There are many software's, WordPress plugins which will help you to put your blog in auto-pilot mode. Such software's use feeds to auto generate blog posts and some of them even use article spinners to create new blog posts. Such blogs doesn’t take much time to install and create and within hour [...]

How to Start Blogging with Free WordPress blog

We have shared many tutorials in the past like How to start with professional WordPress blog. Technically a self hosted WordPress blog is professional side of blogging as you have all the control. Though for a beginners it’s always wise to start a blog on free or BlogSpot blog without spending a dime. WordPress team announced a new portal for those who wish to learn WordPress and start their [...]

5 Questions One Should Ask Himself before writing a guest post.

Before writing a guest post try to answer simple 5 questions as it will make writing a guest post a lot more easier and in some ways it will help in writing great content as you are confident about what you are writing will go live and have clear objectives in your mind.You will feel relaxed. Ask all of the 5 questions to your self and take 20 - 40 [...]

What is Guest Blogging : Guide

Are you an internet entrepreneur? Do you run a blog? Do you want to learn how to learn how to leverage a single guest article to increase your brand awareness online? Do you want to strengthen your online personal brand? Do you desire to be a good business networker? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please read on this guest blogging guide. Being a voracious [...]