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Google Search Algorithm Improved to Fight Against Content Scrapper

Google seems to be getting harsh on content spammer and website with low quality and little original content. Couple of days back Google adsense slapped Auto content generated blog and now it’s time for getting another from Google Search. Google search team made changes in their search engine algorithm which went live on 26th January 2011 to lower down the ranking on websites which has less original content and content [...]

CSS3 Tools to Accelerate your Website’s Work Flow

CSS3 has been a preferable choice for website owners for many a reasons. If you are planning to speed up the workflow and in favor of CSS3, you may find following tools very much useful. CSS3 Please! If you love tweaking your site here and there, then CSS3 Please! is the best option for you. Basically it is a rule generator that works as a playground. You can make different [...]

How To Get A Youtube Partnership?

Video blogging is becoming popular and YouTube is one of the favorite site for other to host their videos. Do you know you can make money from videos which you are uploading on YouTube by using YouTube partnership program. More over by becoming a Youtube partner you will get more detailed insight of your uploaded videos. When you search online  "how to get youtube partnership ?" Some people will say that you need that much [...]

How to Delete Facebook Fan Page In Quick Steps (With Pictures)

One thing which I learn after being online for more than 5 years is, we should follow the policy of lean management in our day to day life. That means, remove those things which are not working for you. In this case, I'm talking of getting rid of those online properties which you are not using anymore. I have over 15 Facebook fan pages and I'm in the process of [...]

How to Request money and Send Invoice Using PayPal

So far all Indian Freelancers and Online marketers are aware of latest PayPal issue. Now here is a quick solution to the problem of $500 limit. This tip is for all those who are into freelancing. Since we can’t accept payment of $500 at one go and solution is to explain your client about this issue, and ask them to send money by breaking amount into lower than $500. Now [...]

PayPal Team Shocked Indian Freelancers with New Rules

PayPal team shocked Indian PayPal users by sending them a surprise Email last night. In the Email PayPal team stated new terms and rules for Indian PayPal users. Here is a preview of Email from PayPal: With effect from 1 March 2011, you are required to comply with the requirements set out in the notification of the Reserve Bank of India governing the processing and settlement of export-related receipts facilitated [...]

5 Google Chrome Extensions To Do More Work in Less Time

Google Chrome has gained more popularity as a browser within a lesser time period. Number of Google chrome extension are increasing every day. Here I'm sharing some useful Google chrome extensions which will help you to increase your productivity by saving your time. The Session Manager The Session Manager saves the tabs and windows opened by you. It makes you task easier to open those tabs whenever you like to [...]

How To Maintain Blog Growth When You Are Too Busy?

As a blogger, you like writing to share your knowledge and experience. Simultaneously, You also are a webmaster and you always want your blog has high ranking and becomes popular. When your blog has some success: good ranking, high traffic and many loyal readers, you must always keep updating blog post. Because if you don't post new update, your readers will go away and you will be lost a lot of [...]