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November 2010

How to Tweet Effectively to Drive Traffic?

Most people think driving traffic from Twitter will be as easy as posting their latest blog posts, and that all you need to do is get a few hundred (even thousand) followers and that they'll click on anything you post, and that's just not the case. Unless you have a very community based Twitter account then you have a chance of getting around 10-20 clicks, but this quick 'How to tweet [...]

Benefits of Blogging for Business?

Okay, so you've heard the buzz about blogging for the past year now, maybe even longer. But what if you still can't wrap your mind around the purpose of it? Blogging for business is becoming a trend and everyone is getting into blogwagon. Having a business website is not sufficient to survive in this competitive online world. There is no doubt directly or indirectly Blogging increase business sales. Well, this [...]

Why Blog Broadcast Feature in Aweber Email Marketing is not Effective

Some time back I have written a post on How to send Blog feed updates via Aweber and I have been using this to send Email updates to my readers. As I already mentioned I'm not a pro in Email-marketing and I’m learning from my own experience. Initially I thought blog broadcast (Email newsletter or every post) is a very important part of Email marketing, but I was completely wrong. [...]

How Many Backlinks We need To Rank on the 1st Page of Google?

Link building is all about building your site’s reputation with the search engines because the higher the reputation of your site the more and more of your pages will rank high for your targeted keywords. So it’s reasonable to say the more links you have from other sites to yours, the better. Building links to a site is one of the daunting and less fun tasks involved in building an e-business. [...]