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8 Things to Work Upon before Starting Online Business Blog

An Online business blog is different from a traditional blog created by individual. A Business blog needs to have a goal in terms of conversion, targeted traffic, where as for a normal blog traffic is what matters the most. Anyhow, we have been talking a lot about business aspect of Blogging and extending the series, today I'm going to share some tips for businesses which are coming up with their [...] to Self Hosted WordPress blog Migration Made easy

Many people start blogging with free blog and once their blog start getting traffic and exposure, migrating from one platform to another one is always an headache. Specially if you are paranoid about SEO and search engine traffic. We already have solution for BlogSpot to Wordpress and to migration. Specially WordPress to migration is easy as you will be dealing with same platform but again for non [...]

Adding Value to Your Blog: Layers of Content

  Layers of Content Writing on a blog is only one piece of the puzzle in creating content for people to consume. There are other publishing platforms available that can add more value to your blog/website that are not used in this way. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. are all other places to publish original content that is not found on your main blog. By doing this, you are creating layers [...]

5 Practices that No Blogger Should Forget

There is no doubt that WordPress is a powerful content management system. It greatly simplifies the process of blogging and makes reviewing web traffic information significantly easier. Best of all, it is completely free. However, like any powerful tool, bloggers must know how to use it properly to really take advantage of all its features. The following is a brief list of WordPress practices that every blogger should consider if [...]

Google Page Rank 3 for a Website with no Content: Case Study

SEO is something which you learn with experience and it’s more of trial and error method. Many things which I have learned with time and one of them is long tail keywords work better and more over backlinks created via commenting helps you a lot. Here I have played with some new project and wanted to see if I can create page rank for that blog without working much. As [...]

How to Make a Business Out of Your Blog

Blogging can be rewarding for anyone with an passion for writing, however an experienced blogger with a strong readership is in a position to turn this hobby into a thriving business. Believe it or not, there are many bloggers out there who earn their entire income from their blog alone, and there are no hidden secrets involved. In fact, there are several proven approaches to turning your pass time into [...]

How to Unsubscribe Any Email address from Aweber Mailing List

We have shared few tutorials in the past and we started using Aweber for sending Email newsletter. The CTR and conversion is great and I’m happy that I have shifted myself to Aweber but sad I was late using it and missed a big chance of creating a big Email list, but it’s never too late to do the right thing.  If you are still not signed up for Aweber, [...]

ShoutMeLoud Monthly Income Report September 2010

We already published our monthly traffic report and we are back now with our monthly income report. Month of September was very decent for ShoutMeLoud network in terms of revenue and specially affiliate income and money from adsense has increased significantly. We have offered few services like BlogSpot to WordPress migration, Thesis Theme customization and WordPress SEO services which is keeping me over booked and last month was hectic for [...]