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October 2010

Bloggers: Know Thy Followers

The first commandment of blogging is that all writers should spend time getting to know who their readers are, what they like, what they dislike and what it is that draws them all to any given site to begin with. Commonly most website owners will attempt to do this by reaching out to their audience through social media, or by installing comment sections on their sites. Unfortunately, by doing this [...]

How to Write Blog Posts that stand out of the crowd?

A nice blog post is considered to be one which satisfies three conditions highly informative, well optimized for search engines and you should be content with what you have produced.   With a million articles being published every day and hence it gets very difficult to get your content stand out from the crowd. So here are 3 ways which you can utilize to make your content worth the exposure [...]

Social Bookmarking & Sharing Icons: How Much Is enough?

Social bookmarking and sharing buttons are very useful for every blogger like you to get extra traffic on your blog post. This helps your readers to quickly share and bookmark the article. In past couple of years, there has been a lot of change in social media landscape, and now Social signals are an important part of search engine ranking. If this sounds something new to you, here are guides [...]

Twitter Keyboard Short Cuts for New Twitter

Twitter, nowadays is used by a lot of people and have become one of the most popular sites around the globe. Despite of lots of Twitter tools many users still prefer to use Twitter official Website and specially with the launch of new twitter site, Twitter web interface has become more popular. If you are one of those Twitter user who prefer using Twitter web interface, here I'm sharing few [...]