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October 2010

How to Embed a Facebook Video on Your Website or Blog Post

Video marketing is the future of content marketing, and one should integrate it to multiple places. When ever I create a new video, I share it on multiple social platform including Youtube, Facebook page and Google plus. Now, when ever I'm writing a related article on my blog or any other website, I use those [...]

How to Show Complete Blog Post in Aweber Blog Broadcast Feature

Offering subscribe via RSS feed is an important feature for any blog and no matter what you should not miss it. I'm using Aweber for some time now and it's working great for me. Every day my Aweber Email list is growing and I keep sending useful information on Make money online, marketing tips to my [...]

Wikipedia SEO Strategies : Why WikiPedia Rank Higher in Google

As a SEO learner, one of the best way to learn is by looking at search engine optimization techniques on some of the popular and Google favored site. This will help a lot to understand what your blog is missing and how you can make your blog internal SEO better. Here we will look into [...]

Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog

As a blogger we all start with writing what we have in mind, and we don't care about things like Post tile, description and ends up writing a cutting edge article. Before you pat yourself, ask how the users are going to find you. How do you seek answers to your questions? I usually go [...]

E-Commerce, Affiliate Marketing & Consulting: Make money Online Weapons

I am sharing some of the tips to monetize a blog or site. I have read many interesting articles on this topic and It’s easy to make money online with any good blog or site with quality content. E-Commerce If your blog has a large and interactive audience then why can't you make a sales pitch through [...]

How to Change Misspelled Facebook Page Name?

Facebook is one of the best social media tool for Bloggers and Webmasters and it helps you in brand awareness and drive traffic to your blog/service. I created a Facebook fan page for my service which is still in alpha stage and while creating it, I did everything right apart from misspelled my brand name. [...]