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October 2010

5 Secrets to Become a Prolific Writer

You might have read lots of articles on how to write effectively, how to write quality articles, how to get comments on your articles and many more to make your blog a quality blog. But to make a blog or blogger effective and successful it is important that he/she should a prolific writer. Prolific writer [...]

How Difficult It is to Become a Confident Blogger?

I started blogging few months back. Once I was reading monthly income report of Amit Bhawani from his blog and got impressed by his stats. By mistake (my good luck) I read a comment whose avatar was a picture of tattoo on back of neck and his name was Harsh Agrawal. The picture attracted me [...]

5 WordPress Dashboard Plugins to Enhance Admin Area

WordPress admin area is something where a pro-blogger like you and me spend most of the time. There are many WordPress dashboard plugins in the WordPress plugins repo, which can help you to enhance your WordPress dashboard and also make it more useful. Though from WordPress 3.1 we have an admin bar and some people likes [...]

5 Reasons to Share your Purchase with Friends

This is a guest post by Sushant. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines. What was your last purchase that you wanted to share with your friends and colleagues? Your new iphone, levis jeans or a ray-ban. Isn't it fun to share the news of your new stuff with others?  The [...]

How to write great guest posts.

At present, guest blogging is considered to be the "in" thing and it has started gaining popularity among new as well as old bloggers. But many new bloggers are kinda  confused about it and do not have an idea that "How to write a guest post that will be accepted" . Hence, I would like [...]

How to Make More Money this Holiday Season?

Are you running an advertising campaign for a certain item? There is no better time to be aggressive on your marketing efforts than this time of the year. With the major shopping season getting closer, it’s time to gather your team and work on an effective ad campaign. Whether it’s Black Friday or Christmas, follow [...]

Top WordPress Security Plugins To Check Hacked WordPress blog

WordPress is a php & database based blogging platform and is always targeted by hackers. There are many WordPress plugins are there which are very useful to prevent WordPress hacking. Here I have created a list of  Top WordPress Security Plugins which will help you to protect your blog from hackers. We have already informed [...]