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September 2010

Improve Adsense performance by using Big Size Ad Formats

I always advocate to use adsense on your blog for recurring income and no doubt it’s one of the best way to make money via blogging. To make a handsome earning via adsense you need to learn various tips and tricks of adsense, which usually come by experience and by reading. I religiously follow official adsense blog to learn more tricks and tips to make most out of adsense. One [...]

ShoutMeLoud Moving to Linode Unmanaged VPS from Knownhost Managed VPS

We have already shared about what is VPS hosting and best managed VPS webhosting and it’s time to come with an article on unmanaged VPS hosting. ShoutMeLoud started it’s blogging journey with Dreamhost Shared Hosting and after a year due to traffic we moved to managed VPS at Knownhost. We have been happily hosted at Knownhost but from last 3-4 days ShoutMeLoud is facing lots of downtime and Internal server [...]

How to Migrate from Windows Live Space to

We just informed you about Windows Live space goes to WordPress and here I have prepared a guide for Windows Live space users who are looking for step by step guide to move their live space blogs to WordPress. To get started with this, follow steps mentioned here and you will be on WordPress in no time. Login to your Windows live space account and here are two screen which [...]

How to Become a Popular Blogger by Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to market yourself. Specially after recent Google algo updates, Guest blogging is one of the best ways to create link for your blog. When I recommend you to guest blog on other blogs, my aim is to help you establish your brand. Guest blogging is an art, and it's little different than blogging on your own blog. You need to understand the taste [...]