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August 2010

How to Add Twitter Official Share Count Button Into Thesis WordPress Theme

In our last post we informed you about launch of official Twitter share count button and now I’m sharing a quick tutorial on Adding this button into Thesis WordPress Theme. To get started with this: Go to Tweetbutton page and configure your button: Now preview your button and grab code: Now open your custom_functions.php file of Thesis which you can access via FTP or also from dashboard. Before performing any [...]

Official Twitter Share Count Buttons Released

Yesterday we informed you about Twitter launching share count button and finally today Twitter launched share count button. At one point we thought that this official share button will be big loss for Tweetmeme buttons but as posted on official Tweetmeme blog, they are partnered with Twitter to assist them in technical how to. This is what official tweetmeme blog says: Firstly we will be assisting Twitter with the technical [...]

How to Integrate DISQUS Commenting System on Your Website

A comment box is a simple tool for communicating with your readers on certain topics on your blog or website so that you and your readers can exchange ideas. You can moderate every comment in your control; either to approve or delete them most especially those spam ones. Another advantage of adding a comment box is it makes your blog or site search engine friendly and of course adds a [...]

5 Common Reasons Why You Can Not Monetize Your Blog Yet

What do you really want from your blog? Is that money? If yes, you need to know several things before you can monetize it in right way. Many of you have failed monetizing your blog just as you have not really understood how and why and what to do to make it profitable. That is such a headache issue for any bloggers especially newbies. Let's figure out my consolidated reasons [...]

How to SetUp WordPress Blog in One Hour

Here at ShoutMeLoud, we always talk about WordPress. No doubt, WordPress is one of the easiest platform to blog on. At the initial stage, you may have to work little hard to learn WordPress, but there are WordPress guides, which will help you to understand everything. I have a few mediocre websites - some Joomla, some WordPress, and some others that I have forgotten about or neglected. However, I am [...]

Nifty Stats : Affiliate Stats Software

As an affiliate marketer, one thing which every one requires is an affiliate stats software to kee ty Stats p track of all the affiliate programs I'm enrolled in. Here I'm going to talk about Nifty Stats which is one of the best desktop aff. stat tool I have came across. This software comes in two version: Free and Pro. The best part is you can use pro one for completelty [...]

Search Engine Optimization of Blog using Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster is an amazing tool and if you are a serious blogger you should never avoid Google Webmaster tool. From SEO perspective it’s a life saver as it gives you complete detail about your site in Google search engine. Webmaster tool offer many tools which will let you analyze your blog completely and you can work on that to make your blog ranking better in search engine. Remember search [...]

Make Money Online Using Your Critiquing Skills

What do you usually do to find out if a certain tourist destination is going to be worth your visit? You search on the internet to find reviews about it, right? What do you do when you hear that there is a new restaurant in your city? You look for people who have been to the place or you find reviews about it on the net, right? What do you do [...]

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