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August 2010

How to Use Google Font API

The Internet is evolving before our eyes. It is remarkable the change that we see from year to year.  Just yesterday, Google was just a search engine. Today it is almost bigger than the universe and is also an API fonts: Font Google API ! An API, in simple terms, is a remote, quick and [...]

5 Steps to Make Money Blogging

Blogging is so popular now-a-days due to its flexibility and ease of use; it also has a lot of SEO advantages for big corporate Websites. Another great benefit of blogging is that it is one of the best ways to make money online.
You don't need to venture into some unethical marketing practices before making money blogging and this post will be talking about 5 great steps you can take to start making money blogging.

Email users WordPress plugin: Send Email to All Registered Users

Yesterday I was searching for some useful WordPress plugin for community blogs and for multi—author blog and I found this useful WordPress plugin which let you send Email to all your blog registered users. Email Users is one useful plugin which does the simple job by sending Email to all registered users of your blog. [...]

How to Add Custom Buttons to WordPress Editor

Earlier, we gave you tips to style posts in thesis wordpress theme. Be it thesis or any other theme if you place tags before and after text manually every time, it's a painful procedure. So instead, if you add buttons to perform actions which you need for formatting posts very often, it will save a [...]

5 Simple but Important Tips to Make the Most out of Twitter

Twitter is one of the most important factor in making driving traffic to your blog. But its not a child's play, you need to use your Account effectively. In this post I'm gonna explain about 5 Important yet Simple Points you should consider to increase your influence on twitter which will help you gain more [...]

Protect any PHP/MySQL site from Spambots and Hackbots

Ash has already shared a useful WordPress tutorial earlier, if you have missed it, Do read: Supercharge your WordPress blog in one hour. If you run a PHP/MySQL site, forum, CMS, or blog and want to keep hackers and spambots from filling up your content with spammy posts or comments, then keep reading. If you like free [...]

Tips and Tricks for Upcoming Bloggers

The following tips are for those new bloggers who are not just new in blogging but the site or blog for which they are writing  is also new and has very little or no traffic at all. Blogging is on rise these days. Everyone is posting on the web whatever he wants just to generate some good [...]