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August 2010

How to fight back to content Theft (Plagiarism)

Content theft is one of BIG issue with genuine blogger who really think, research and then write some meaningful content for their readers. I had seen few bloggers who just copy – paste from some blog post and keep posting on their Blog in order to have more visitors and money. They are doing this [...]

How To Publish Your Own Book – Your Guide To Make Your Work Sell Millions

This article is guest posted by Andre Conferido, Read our Guest posting guidelines. You are a writer if you have talent in writing good literary pieces. However, being a mere writer is not the end of the dream line. To be an author is the ultimate goal of people with talent in writing. Some would [...]

6 Effective Tips to Brand Your Blog Like QuickSprout

Branding of a blog is the most important feature that often many bloggers miss out on. Apart from good content and optimization, making a Brand out of a blog can boost your traffic exponentially, and you have better chance of becoming an authority blog. By building a brand you are establishing yourself and your company [...]

VaultPress Review : WordPress Premium Backup System

Backing up your blog timely is one thing which everyone should be doing every day. Though, it's good to have an automated sustem and we have already shared ways to backup WordPress. Today, we are extending the list with VaultPress review, which is a premium backup service from WordPress parent company AutoMattic. 5 months back [...]

List of 50+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

[Update : I have updated this article in January, 2014 and removed all low quality blogs and those blogs which has discontinued accepting guest posts. I will keep on updating this list. So, kindly bookmark this page for your further visit.] We have talked a lot about Guest posting and it's benefits. Specially in 2012, [...]

Secret List Of WordPress Plugins Which I use at ShoutMeLoud

Over the period of 5 years of blogging, I have came across many WordPress plugins and some of them are essential WordPress plugins and some of them turned out to be useless. Though, I believe in more custom codes instead of using plugins, but fact is plugins are easier to implement than codes. Here I'm sharing [...]

Why You Should Focus more On Blog Readership Over SEO?

Google is the most popular search engine and being one of the popular search engine, we often practice some of the suggested white hat SEO techniques like Keyword research, On page optimization, Outbound links and so on. Though, there is nothing wrong with targeting SEO for better traffic from search engines but we often miss out [...]