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July 2010

How to Get Organic Traffic to your Blog

There are unlimited ways by which you can drive traffic to your site. We have already discussed some of the working and actionable methods like using Blog commenting, Guest posting campaign, using Flickr, buying paid traffic and today we will see how we can increase and get organic traffic to our blog and Websites. The best [...]

Limit Login Attempt : Secure WordPress from Brute Force Attack

Being a blogger it is obvious that you are much concerned about the blog security. We all like to keep our blogs secure against the hackers. Wordpress users are lucky enough that there are several security plugins and other template tweaks to safeguard the blog from hacking attempts. One of them is changing the default wordpress username 'admin'

3 Twitter Tools to Follow Like Minded People

As a blogger we all use Twitter to exchange useful information and links but many of us end up with lots of spam on their timeline, the biggest reason is that they don’t follow the Twitter user of same interest. If you will just follow the ones following you or go for random Twitter users, [...]

Send Emails in your Own Handwriting: Pilot Handwriting

Do you love your Handwriting? Want to write in your own Handwriting on Computer? You can now convert your handwriting into a digital font, Pilot Handwriting is an amazing service which let you do the same. Your own Handwriting will give a personal touch to the written documents. Pilot Handwriting is an easy to use service

Thesis WordPress Theme is now Split GPL licensed

Last time I talked about WordPress Matt and Thesis Pearsonified controversy over Thesis GPL and this debate has taken lots of heat and created lots of buzz in Wordpress community. From last few days people are taking about pros and cons of GPL licensing for Wordpress Premium themes and this was becoming never ending debate. [...]

12 Sure-fire Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Many blogs have great content, a clean design and everything a good blog should have, but the problem most bloggers face is getting traffic to their blogs. This post will assume you already have a great design and good content. And will share 12 sure-fire ways to get quality traffic to your blog. Blog Commenting: This [...]