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6 Innovative Tips for Faster Blogging

Making money blogging and treating it as a business requires a ton of work and a massive time investment. As a matter of fact, most bloggers who are successful spend around eight hours upwards in their online business. That being said, blogging is really really tougher than what most people think. Even though it eats a lot of our time. The actually process of putting up blog posts should not [...]

Is Guest Blogging Useful or Just Waste of Time?

Do you think guest blogging is a waste of time? Why I will write for other? If your answer of first question is yes, then you are missing some great things from your blogging life. And if the second question is your question then this article is for your and going to answer your question. Ok you would be surprise that blogger want to publish their best post to other [...]

Google New Search Index System: Caffeine

Last time when Google announced soon to be released Index system termed as Caffeine it created lots of buzz in blogosphere as this new search indexing system brought lots of changes in search engine ranking.Technically I have seen lots of changes in my search engine traffic in last few weeks. Probably an effect of Caffeine or because of quality content. What ever it is today Google announced the completion of [...]

How to Customize The Default WordPress Login Screen

Adding your logo or banner into your Wordpress dashboard give another way to brand your site and specially if you have multi-author blog it is very useful. Some time back we talked about BM custom login wordpress plugin to change your Wordpress dashboard logo. In this post WordPress developer Saorabh is talking about how you can customize your Wordpress wp-admin login panel to brand your company or blog. Every wordpress [...]

Sneak Peek of Viral Content and It’s Benefits

We all want to promote our blog and drive huge traffic. Promoting blog directly refers to promoting our blog articles or content. Viral content is best way to promote your blog and get recognized in blogosphere. Viral content is the content which people like to read and love to share with others. We all are blessed with lots of social networking websites to use viral content for promotions. Not all [...]

5 Effective Tips to Write Paid Reviews

Many bloggers are confused to earn money through paid reviews. It might be because of Google or may be fear of losing visitors. But I think that there is no harm in writing paid reviews and earning from that, the only think you should remember is to select the product which is useful for your readers and relevant to your niche. Also Read: Paid Reviews: Good, Bad or Ugly How [...]

How to Hide Articles from Home Page in WordPress Blogs

There are many posts which you want to show to only your feed readers and not to everyone. Specially when you are conducting any big contest and you bribing users to subscribe to your feeds for winner announcement, you might like to filter few posts to be appeared in your blog but to appear for your feed readers. None the less, you can use it to offer as an extra [...]

5 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Blog

Getting Blog subscriber is one of the most crucial part of the growth of our blog and we work day and night to get new subscribers. Though, most of the time we are so focused on getting new people to subscribe to our blog, we ten to ignore the importance of keeping a check on readers who are unsubscribing from our Blog. From a marketing point of view, losing a subscribed user is [...]