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June 2010

Typeissexy: Learn Typography Easy and Sexy way

Last time we talked about what is typography and how to select best font. One thing which I have learned from my experience is typography matters a lot, No natter how good your blog design is, if your typography is bad, your readers are not going to stick to your blog and that will result [...]

Thesis Style Box WordPress Plugin to Quickly Style Thesis Single Post

In my last post I talked about How to style Thesis Wordpress theme single post and that styling add yellow and Blue border into your selected text. Though that styling is good but how about adding another level of styling into Thesis Wordpress theme. Technozeast has released a very handy and helpful Wordpress plugin for [...]

How to Style Single Post in Thesis WordPress Theme

I’m using thesis on most of my blogs and I recommend this to my readers. If you are still thinking to consider Thesis theme, I would suggest get it now, Since rumors are Thesis 2.0 is on the way and price is going to be high. You can buy Thesis theme from my aff. link [...]

10 Blogging Apps For Mac Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

I'm a huge fan of desktop tools which can help me in blogging and increase my productivity. I prefer desktop tools over online because I can work without internet. Needless to say how much distraction I get when I try to write online and I end up opening at least 10-15 tabs. If you are [...]

Twitter Development History in 3 minute and 53 seconds!

I know the title was a bit tricky, but this is about a quick video which walk through the Twitter development history from April 2006 to January 2010 made by a twitter development team member Ben Sandofsky. The video was made using Code Swarm Software (an open source code available here) to cleanly visualize the development history [...]

How To Use LSI Keywords For Ranking Higher In Search Results

Keywords will always be the base of search-able web writing. But too many sites neglect this SEO trick the one here Explained i.e. using synonyms. Synonyms are particularly important in SEO.  Most Webmaster's have stated them as road signs for search engines. What are Synonyms or LSI Words? Synonyms are words that mean the same [...]