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5 Effective Ways to Connect to Professional Bloggers

Every blogger starts career alone but sooner or later he want to start his own network of blogs or want to connect with successful and pro-bloggers, with whom he can achieve the goals. It is always better to connect with other bloggers whom you think are ideal for you and who can give you a new twist to your blogging career. You should never think that a blogger is successful [...]

Pop-Under Advertising: Good, Bad or Ugly

Many advertising companies offers Pop-Under advertisements and somehow revenue generation from Pop-under advertising is more than text link ads, contextual ads. Reason being, it loads every time with page load (depending on the settings) and if any one have a busy (high traffic) website, he can make more money out of it. Now coming to the reality and the quality of Pop-under advertising, they yields good result and revenue stream [...]

Two occasions when Google webmaster tools saved my Blog

Google webmaster tools displays problems related to crawling of Google spiders and access & displays information of Google search data of a website. GWT gives you a chance to look at the issues from Google search engine's perspective. Google Webmaster Tools service is one of the most useful SEO tools for bloggers. This was my only reliable companion at times when I experimented with my blog and went close to [...]

What is Typography And How To Select Best Font?

Typography the art and a technique of printing with movable type. The composition of printed material from movable type. We can also say this is the arrangement and appearance of printed matter. Everyone knows about basic of typography, but one need to take care of lots of factor while designing a website or wordpress theme. People often forget about web safe fonts, they haven't idea which font is supported by [...]

3 Ways to verify a WordPress blog in Google Webmaster Tools

Like most of the other bloggers in the blogosphere, my primary focus is to get more Google juice. Little do I care about Yahoo, Bing or anything alike. There is Google search, and there's everyone else. Naturally, I'm much concerned about how my blog gets crawled by Google and about what content get's indexed by Google. Google Webmaster tools tells me the inside story of how users find my website [...]

Google Rank Website On Loading Time of the Page

Few months back Google webmaster team indicated that they will start ranking websites based on their page  loading time. Websites which take ages to load slows down the Internet and they are considering this factor seriously. Apart from other parameters like meta title, meta descriptions, Google will also consider Page load time as one of the biggest reason for your website search engine ranking. <Credit> In an official blog post, [...]

30+ Useful Blogging tips for Professional Bloggers

Blogging is a very vast topic, it starts from writing, SEO, managing blog and many more. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I keep sharing various useful Blogging tips, which you require to create and run a successful blog. Though, I have not created any eBook yet for all the tips, but here is a roundup of all such tips, which will help you to grow and take your blog to next level. [...]

[Question]My Comments are going into Spam Comment

This is a part of question answer series. If you have any question related to blogging, feel free to drop your questions via Contact form. Question: Mohammad asked  “ I have 1 blog which is approx 2 years old, once while going through your articles I read that the best way to increase PR is by commenting on other sites. After reading that I started commenting, As of now my blog [...]