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How to Install Google Analytics in Thesis WordPress Theme

Google analytics is one of the best free tool to monitor your site stats and traffic. This is one of the first thing which I recommend for every blogger should Install. We have already written a complete tutorial on How to Configure Google analytics in Wordpress blog.  In that tutorial we have used Wordpress plugin to add analytics code. Most of the time when I talk about Thesis Wordpress theme, [...]

How to Add Facebook Like Button Into WordPress

Facebook released new like button which is somehow seems less appealing to me. But the way Facebook is growing every day, I can’t miss targeting Facebook for visitors. The problem with new Like button is that it is very tiny, somehow Facebook share count button makes more sense to me. Anyways, to give it a shot I have added Facebook like button here at Shoutmeloud and from now you can [...]

5 Tips to Use Twitter for Your Blog

Twitter is said to be “Real Time Search Engine”, so why not to take Twitter’s advantage in blogging. We all know that there are lots of advantages of twitter like sending messages, share links, music, pictures etc. Apart from all these advantage, twitter is mostly used by internet marketer for branding, driving traffic to their product and for bloggers to keep them updated and make their blog viral. Factors which [...]

How to Write Articles for Your Readers

Do you ever wonder while writing article, that for whom you have to write the article on your blog? Is it for you, search engines or your readers? You can only give your best while writing articles if you know for whom you are writing articles. If you are writing articles for yourself then write whatever is in your heart , just don’t care that your blog’s visitors would like [...]

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Used Domain Name

First step for starting a blog is to select a domain name. If you are planning to buy a sued old Domain name, I would suggest you to select  an old domain name for your blog after doing proper research. There might be chances that you select a banned or black listed domain name, which might create problem in approving Google Adsense or giving any search engine advantage. There are many other [...]

Best Free and Professional Photo blog Templates for Blogspot

There have been fantastic themes that are released for photo blogging. However, most of them are premium and may sound expensive for many. The best possible alternative is blogger. Below are the best, professional and free photo blogging templates to make a professional looking photo-blog. If you are not a photo-blogger, you might like to see: 16  best free valentine Blogger templates The instructions may differ from template to template [...]

3 Steps To Get Your New Website Indexed In 2 Days

Last time we have shared how to index your website in 24 hours and now Lee is sharing some more SEO tips to get your blog getting indexed quickly in search engine. Whenever we build a new blog or website, we always want it to be indexed by Google as soon as possible. Usually it will take about 1-2 weeks for Google to crawl and index your new blog or [...]

How to Access Pandora Radio Outside US : Hotspot shield

Most of us know how awesome Pandora Internet Radio is, from the times when it was accessible from India and other countries outside the United States. Later owing to legal restrictions streaming websites like Pandora, OpenHulu and stopped providing access to countries outside USA. If only we still had access to it? Today we are going to share guide for newbie to access Pandora radio outside US. Firstly, let [...]