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March 2010

SEO: Some effective and White Hat methods to build Backlinks

Some time back Himanshu told you about What are backlinks and importance of backlinks. Following it we published how to get free backlinks for your website and I told you about how commenting can help create backlinks. I was watching a video from Google webmaster team and Google engineer Matt spoke about how you can [...]

How to Display HTML code on a Webpage

You must've tried adding some piece of html/javascript to a blog post at some point. And to your dismay, the code simply refused to show itself! Instead what you got was the output of the code. For example, to display the html code for adding a simple anchor  text-link, <a href="">Shoutmeloud</a> you might have gone [...]

Finally Paypal Resumed Indian Bank Withdrawal with Purpose code

It's the time which all Indian Paypal users were waiting for as Paypal resumed the bank withdrawal service in India. As expected it started around 3rd March. Now you need to select purpose for bank withdrawal . You can read a detailed post on Purpose code written by Rahul Bansal of Devils’ Workshop. Paypal purpose [...]

Google Page Prank or Google Page rank?

If you are a Blogger, I'm sure you are aware of Google page rank and if I'm not wrong, like all other blogger you also believe a high page rank is a big metric for checking the authority and quality of Blog. Though, there are many like me who don't care about Page rank apart [...]

Top Benefits of Interlinking Your Blog Post

When I started blogging I used to post the content without interlinking to my older blog posts and I didn't notice its importance until I moved to use Blogging as a source of income. Earlier in those days when I simply do blog post and promote it on forums, Facebook etc I get visitors for [...]

The Agile Blogger: What Can You Learn from Agile Management Techniques?

This post looks at what bloggers can learn from forward thinking modern project management techniques.  Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do on your blog?  There are always links to update, designs to be improved, posts to write, links to build, affiliates to partner - you probably have [...]

Can You Imagine SomeOne Blogging Without Passion?

Blog about a topic that you are passionate about, is one  of the most frequently repeated advice for new bloggers from the veteran ones. I have believed in it for quite sometime myself. Unfortunately I have come to realize that it is not true. It is absolutely possible to blog about a topic that makes [...]