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March 2010

How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Advertisements

Most of the bloggers limit themselves by using easy to use Adnetworks like Google AdSense or Chitka on their blog to earn. You might be one of those bloggers who doesn't believe in placing ads on your blog, and might want to explore other opportunities to earn from your blog. Well undoubtedly placing advertisement is [...]

What To Do When Bloggers Copy Your Original Blog Content?

Do you know there are some people who are copying content from your blog without your permission and publish that content on their websites and blogs for few bucks? Do you have any solution to this problem? In this post I’m going to discuss several aspects related to blog content copying.

Yes definitely, you are being put into the risk of losing your search engine rankings and page rank when people copy your blog content. In many cases, copied content from your blog will first get indexed into Google and in those cases your content becomes duplicate. So Google may lower your blog rankings or may even not include your content into its index. So you are not getting the credit for all the hard work you put in writing those valuable contents that are stolen by content thieves.

Adsense Implemented Multiple ad networks

Google Adsense added multiple ad network feature. This will let other Google certified ad networks to compete directly with adwords and they can show ads using adsense. This will have increase the number of ads inventory in adsense and I believe this is good for advertisers but not for publishers. As this will increase the [...]

BuddyPress: Build a Community with WordPress

Have you ever thought of incorporating a community or social Network with your blog? You have options of using a forum but you consider that has a diversion from blogging? You need not look further because there is a software to every problem on the internet. You will be glad to know that this Wordpress [...]

How to Install Buddypress in WordPress MU

Earlier we talked about What is BuddyPress and extending our tutorial, and this post is for those who wants to install buddypress on their wordpress MU. In this post I would try to explain how to install BP plugin and make it ready with a wordpress site. A quick guide for first timers Buddypress (BP) is a [...]

How to Add Stumbleupon share button on your blog

By adding social bookmarking buttons on our blog posts, we help readers to submit and bookmark our blog post. Here I'm going to talk about how you can add Stumbleupon share button on your blog. Stumble upon is one of the top social bookmarking and social sharing website. Some time back I have written a post on [...]